What Are the Risks of Pulsed Light Hair Removal?

Pulsed light hair removal is a method of removing hair and delaying its appearance. Although effective, it still involves several risks. This is one of the reasons why the National Union of Dermatologists is protesting against the use of this beauty treatment device in beauty salons. Indeed, without taking the necessary precautions, the risks are significant for fragile skin and even for the eyes.

The risks of pulsed light hair removal for fragile skin

To remove hair, the pulsed light epilator produces intense heat. This caloric power can also affect the skin. This can then lead to complications such as depigmentation, burns and redness, especially in sensitive areas of the skin. For this reason, the use of the pulsed light epilator is not recommended on areas of the body where there are moles, scars, tattoos, lesions, etc.

The results also take several weeks before appearing, so it is not advisable to increase the intensity of the light flashes or to multiply the treatments. For dermatologists, it is necessary to wait until the age of 20 before resorting to this type of treatment. Before this age, the hairs have not yet reached full maturity and are therefore more vulnerable.

Risks for the eyes

Blue eye of a woman, make up discreetly

Protecting your eyes before using an epilator is an essential precaution. The high intensity flashes of light produced by the device can be very dangerous for the eye, whose cells are extremely sensitive. This pulsed light can irreversibly damage the retina of the eye.

Brands that have understood these risks for sight now offer epilators equipped with a contact detector. Thus, the flashes are released only when the device is fully in contact with the skin. The risk of accidental flashing of the eyes is then reduced. For optimum eye safety, suitable protective glasses should be used. Some models are also delivered with these glasses.

Consult the reviews to choose the quality pulsed light epilator

There are several models of pulsed light epilator, they obviously do not have the same performance. When you want to get this technical care device, you have to make sure you find a high-quality model. You will thus avoid all the risks and have a perfect result reading the user reviews. Reviews from other customers are full of information that will help you make a smart choice from the plethora of offers.

Note, however, that the best pulsed light epilator should provide at least 100,000 flashes. It must be versatile, that is to say, be able to epilate both the face and the rest of the body. It is a device that must also be easy to handle depending on its purpose of use: for professionals or for individuals.

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