What are the Steps to Become a Courier?

Do you want to start as an independent courier? You should know that there are a series of steps to follow to obtain the legal status suitable for the exercise of this profession.

These procedures mainly refer to the administrative formalities planned for the creation of your status of courier auto-entrepreneur.

What legal status to choose to be a courier?

You have the freedom to choose between several legal statuses. In particular that of a self-employed person or that of an individual company with the creation of a SASU or EURL. Below, a brief overview of the specificities linked to each status.

The status of micro-entrepreneur

This is the easiest and fastest way to become self-employed and start the business of courier. Accessible to all, the micro-enterprise regime involves simplified rules in terms of the administrative process for its creation. It has reduced taxation and significant social benefits.

Even more interesting is the cap on turnover for this category, which has been raised to € 70,000 / year since 2018.

The status of sole proprietorship

To get started as an independent courier, you can also opt for the status of sole proprietorship. It involves setting up your own delivery company. It will have a legal personality and its own patrimony, well separated from yours.

You can create it under the legal form of SASU (single-person simplified joint stock company) or EURL (single-person limited liability company).

Both offer you higher caps, as well as a number of tax advantages depending on the amount of your turnover. However, their creation involves more complex administrative formalities and a somewhat longer procedure.

How to become a courier self-employed person?

Becoming a self-employed person involves relatively simple and quick administrative formalities. They end with your registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) and the allocation of your SIRENE number.

As regards the follow-up of the procedures themselves, three main options are available to you:

  • You can choose to create your self-employed status online easily. You do it for free and in a few minutes via the platform www.guichet-entreprises.fr. However, the processing time for your file can be relatively long.
  • Create your own business by following the paperwork. As simple and fast, the formalities will be followed with the support of the Business Formalities Center (CFE) responsible for your locality.
  • Finally, you can entrust the creation of your micro-entrepreneur status to a specialized support service. The procedures are carried out by a professional in return for a reasonable sum.

What is the best delivery platform?

There are many platforms specializing in delivery services across France. This is particularly the case for startups like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Stuart, Frichti, Pharmaco, Nestor, or Yper (ex you2you) among others. Of course, they are not all created equal.

In general, the best delivery platform is objectively the one that offers you the most advantageous remuneration. Ideal and more flexible working conditions, as well as social security measures for the benefit of its deliverers (health, sickness / accident coverage, liability insurance, etc.).

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