What are the Techniques for Recording Music to USB Flash Drive?

Thanks to digital progress, one of the most practical things to do today is to save songs at will. Storage media are reserved for this purpose, including the USB (Universal Serial Bus) key. Do you want to know how to go about save of the music sure a USB key ? This article shows you the techniques.

Provide a key with space to put as much music as possible

To save music to a USB flash drive, you will first need a flash drive that has enough free space. There are various models of this accessory on the market, each with different storage capacities. Thestorage space of your USB key will be very decisive, especially since the number of musics to be recorded depends on it.

It will therefore be necessary that the one you have to use offers the storage space necessary to put the volume of audio files desired. For most users, a USB key of thirty-two Gigas Bytes free space is more than sufficient.

However, if you want to be able to record a maximum of music without restricting yourself, opt for a USB key of sixty four Gigas Bytes or more.

How to proceed to record music on your USB stick?

There are several ways you can save music to your USB drive. For example, you can choose to do so by downloading online from various sites, by copying, or even from YouTube.

In the first case (music to download online), you’ll have to connect your USB key to your computer Firstly. Usually a folder containing the device files (key) should open right after.

Otherwise, just go to the manager of your device (drives and devices) to open this folder. Once opened, you will now only have to download your music and select the USB stick as your where the downloaded music is stored.

With the second option (copy music), you must also plug your USB drive into your computer. Go to Windows Explorer, and using the option button of your mouse (right button), click on the music you want to save on your USB key.

You will see in the options, “ Send to », Click on this option then on the name of your USB key. Your music will therefore be copied successfully. To record several songs at the same time, all you have to do is select in folder and perform this process at selection.

As for the last possibility (recording from YouTube), you will need a Youtube mp3 converter. As soon as you have it, go to YouTube and search for the desired music.

The next step will be to copy youtube video url desired music and paste it into the chosen converter. Just click on “Convert”, before saving the music on your USB stick.

What to do if there is not enough space?

It may happen that you are faced with a concern of lack of space to save your music on your USB key. If this happens, the first solution available to you is to remove junk files or unnecessary that are there. You can also try to format USB stick if possible.

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