What are the techniques for using my Xbox One without internet?

Released in 2013, the Xbox One is an eighth-generation video game console developed by Microsoft, replacing the Xbox 360. Connected to the internet, it gives you access to a huge catalog of games and many other services. So, it is quite normal to wonder if it is possible to use your Xbox One without internet.

In any case, be aware that this is entirely possible, but you will need to make certain adjustments beforehand, and many features of the console will be unavailable or limited.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to use your Xbox One offline, the features available without internet, as well as some handy tips for using your console properly.

What are the techniques for using my Xbox One without internet?

To be able to use your Xbox console offline, simply switch it to Xbox Home mode. To do this, go to the quick launch menu and click on All settings, then on Customization, and then on My Home Xbox. This will allow friends and family to play the games you have downloaded without having to log in with your name.

What can I do with my Xbox One without internet?

As mentioned earlier, you can use your Xbox One without internet, but some features will be unavailable or limited. For example, you can:

  • Play games on Blue-ray disc or stored on Home Xbox. But you won’t be able to access the multiplayer features.
  • Play videos, music and photos stored on USB media
  • Watch TV by connecting your Xbox to your set-top box (cable or satellite subscription required) or by connecting it to an antenna (free over-the-air TV)
  • Change your console settings
  • Use voice commands

I want to take it offline, what should I do?

If for some reason you want to go offline, the process is straightforward. First, press the button Xbox on the console to access the guide (main menu). Then after clicking on the option Systems and all parameters, click on Network. Finally, click on Network settings, then on Go offline, and your Xbox One will automatically go offline.

To reestablish the connection, follow the same process, but choosing the option instead Go online at the last step.

What not to do with my Xbox One

The Xbox One was designed to last around ten years, provided it is used properly according to Microsoft’s recommendations (see user manual). Here are some things you absolutely must not do:

  • Do not force shutdown the console in the event of a network failure
  • Avoid any fraudulent action on Xbox Live
  • Only plug the Xbox One power supply into your console, and do not place it on a soft surface (sofa, bed, carpet, etc.)
  • Use only official Xbox One accessories (controller, power supply, Blu-ray discs, kinect, etc.)

For more info, please visit the official website at: support-origin.xbox.com/en-US/browse/xbox-one.

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