What are the validity periods of the various real estate diagnoses?

The sale or rental of housing requires prior operations. Indispensable and mandatory, the real estate diagnosis is one of those operations which will allow the purchaser to have a clear and precise idea of ​​the inventory of the accommodation he wants to acquire. The various real estate diagnoses generally have a limited duration. Find out in this article.

Different types of real estate diagnostics

The control of a home includes a whole range of diagnoses (whether they are compulsory or not) to be established by a professional diagnostician. It’s about :

  • Energy performance diagnosis (DPE) which allows the owner of the property to display the performance score of his property for sale or for rent in order to allow the purchaser to have an idea of ​​his energy consumption;
  • The state of the electrical and gas installations. Electricity diagnostics are used to check faults in electrical installations (conductors, circuit breakers, etc.) that may compromise personal safety (electrocution.). The gas diagnostic has the same objective with the difference that the diagnostician will analyze here the state of the gas installations including in particular the supply pipes, the heating devices and thus ensure their proper functioning.
  • The state of asbestos which allows the purchaser to know whether he should resort to asbestos removal or not;
  • Of the parasitic state which allows the owner, after a complete study of the accommodation, to reassure the purchaser on the presence or not of xylophagous insects or wood-eating fungi;
  • The state of the ‘risk’ easements and information on the soils which informs the purchaser of the possible risks to which the accommodation is exposed;
  • The condition of the non-collective sanitation installation which ensures the purchaser of the proper functioning and condition of the wastewater evacuation pipes;
  • The Lead Exposure Risk Report (CREP) which allows the purchaser to know whether or not there is lead in the housing paints;
  • From the Carrezqui law footage, it is possible to establish the value of a property sold in co-ownership by calculating its private area.

Different validity periods

The DPE is compulsory. However, if the property is intended to be occupied for a period of 4 months at most per year, this diagnosis becomes non-compulsory. It is valid for 10 years.

The diagnosis of the various electrical and gas installations is compulsory and has a validity period of 3 years in the context of the sale of a property and 6 years for its rental. .

The diagnosis of the state of asbestos has an unlimited period of validity if it gives a negative result. However, if this diagnosis comes out positive, it will need to be re-diagnosed within the next 3 years.

Termites being parasites that can cause great damage in a house, it is necessary to regularly ensure their presence or not. So it is necessary to make their diagnosis every six months. The periods of validity of the parasite state and the risk state are 6 months each.

As for the diagnosis relating to sanitation, its validity period is 3 years.

The CREP diagnostic has variable validity periods. In the context of the sale of a house or an apartment, 1 year if it is positive and unlimited if its result is negative. In addition, for a rental, 6 years if the result is positive and unlimited if negative.
As for the Carrez law footage, it is valid forever as long as no work has been carried out in the property.

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