What are the Words and Expression to Know When You Go to an Arab Country?

Are you planning to travel and visit an Arab country? In this case, there are some basics that you need to master in the Arabic language. It will be of great help to you. Find out more!

How to pronounce the words well?

When you travel to an Arab country, it is necessary to master certain words or expressions. This will allow you to better address the public as soon as you are there. To do this, you must pronounce the words or expressions well so that the message you convey gets through. It is therefore important that you start with the pronunciation of the letters. You must also know how to make their connections. Then move on to listening to the audio recordings and rehearsing. By repeating what you listen to as you listen, it will help you have a good accent when speaking.

In which countries is Arabic needed?

There are countries or states where Arabic is the official language. So you have for example countries like Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, etc. Learning the Arabic language is useful when you are called upon to travel to these different countries. You must therefore prepare yourself in order to know at least the basics of the language.

Common Arabic Words and Phrases to Know

Welcoming, warm, smiling happy woman

This is the time to discover the essential words and expressions when you go to an Arab country. Traveling is one thing, you also have to integrate and make the effort to learn the basics of getting around, eating, finding accommodation and many other reasons.

Basic expressions and common words

Hello good night Salam wa aleïkoum / Leïla saîda
How are you ? Kifak?
Very well thank you and you ? Bikher hamdulillah
Do you speak French / English? Btehki faransi / inglesi?
I understand / I don’t understand Af’ham / La af’ham
sorry Ana asif
Goodbye Ma’asalama
welcome Marhaba
Thank you so much) Choukran
Excuse me / please Afwan / min fadlak
I’m French) Ana fransawi (ya)
My name is Martine Ismi Martine
No thanks The choukran
Yes No Na’am / La
You’re welcome Afuan

Arabic expressions: If you are in a business

How much is it ? Addesh?
It is very inexpensive Rkhees
It’s too expensive Hada ghalee kheteer
Can you lower the price? Mumkin arkhas?
I would like to buy… this, this one! Biddee eshtiree
I love / I hate Ana bHeb / Ana my bHeb
Silver Massari
I’m just watching. Mumkin shoof

Arabic expressions: To find your direction

Where is… ? / How to go to… ? Wayn?
Bank Bank
Station MaHattat al-Qitaar
Downtown Markaz al-medeena
Hotel Al-otel
Hospital Al-mustash-fa
Is it near / far? Qareeb / ba’eed?
Straight ahead Dughri
Left right Yasaar / Yameen
North South East West Shimaal / Janub / Sharq / Gharb

Arabic expressions: When you have a problem

I need to see a doctor. Ralaya an nochawer tabib
Call a doctor / ambulance Ittusil bil duktoor / sayarat ‘iiseaf
Where’s the hospital? Wayn al-mustash-fa?
I do not feel very good Ana maareed
I hurt here Beeyujani hon
Where are the toilets ? Wayn twalet?
Help ! Saa’idoonee!
Police Ash-shurta
Danger Hiyal
I’m lost) Lakad fakadto tariki

Arabic expressions: When you are at the table

I’m hungry, I’m thirsty Ana jirane / Ana ratchane
Enjoy your meal Chahiya taiba
Health! Bi saha!
That was delicious ! Kan Ladhidha
What do you recommend to me? Bi mada towassini?
I am vegetarian Ana nabati
Without spice! (I don’t like spices) Bidoune tawabil!
It’s too hot ! Inaho sakhine jidane!
I am allergic Andee hasasiyya
Seafood El makoulates el bahriya
Peanut El foul essoudani
Gluten El gholtine
I would like… Biddee …
Water May
Tea / coffee Chai / kawa
Beer / wine Biyra / khamr
The check please El hssab, men fadl-ak

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