What Budget to Allow for Contact Lenses?

Recognized as an easy-to-use ophthalmic solution, contact lenses provide as much satisfaction as wearing glasses. However, some people hesitate to adopt them for fear of having to invest large sums. If you are wondering how much to budget for contact lenses, know that there are various ranges, including the cheapest.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The price of contact lenses depends on the function of use associated with them. A distinction is made between flexible and rigid lenses, provided either with corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic functions.

Budget for conventional contact lenses

Conventional contact lenses are optical lenses made for medical or cosmetic use. These are common models requiring removal after 24-48 hours of wear. Myopia, astigmatism, correction of iris abnormalities are some of the reasons for their prescription. They have an average lifespan of 13 months.

Classic soft lenses are available in two variants, those with a single focus and those called progressive. The former cost between 180-230 € the pair against a range of 340-450 € the pair for the seconds.

Budget for daily contact lenses

Daily vision lenses are normally intended for occasional wear. They are among the most expensive copies on the market. The single-focus models are available at 1-2 euros per pair against 3 euros for the progressive versions. In addition, to acquire daily colored lenses, plan a budget between 7-15 euros.

Where can I find cheaper contact lenses?

Buying from an optician is the traditional way to acquire contact lenses. This circuit remains expensive, however, even if the option of complementary health insurance exists. Making a purchase in an online store is currently the optimal channel for finding lenses less dear.

On these platforms, the prices displayed are 10 to 70% below the prices charged in an optician’s shop. On the web market, 123optic is one of the reference sites offering a diverse range of cheaper lenses as well as suitable maintenance solutions.

Less expensive lenses mean lower quality?

The option pursued by online sellers of cheaper lenses remains essentially to make the product accessible to the general public. Buyers can therefore be sure to find quality lenses of certified manufacture.

Treat yourself for example from 12.90 euros the box of 30 daily lenses on the site 123optic. Better, this e-store is in partnership with recognized brands to offer you the best lenses at the best price.

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