What cut according to the shape of his face?

Depending on the physiognomy of your face, some haircuts or hairstyles can make you look better than others. It is therefore important above all to know the shape of your face, in order to be able to more easily find the ideal types of hairstyles to balance the proportions and hide the flaws to sublimate your pretty face.

Here are some tips to help you determine which cuts to favor (or avoid) depending on whether you have a square, oval, long, round, hexagonal or inverted triangle face.

What cut for a square face?

This face shape is marked by angular contours as well as a relatively wide forehead and jaws. If you have a square face, go for cuts that will soften your features. You can opt for a plunging square for example or long layered hair among others.

What cut for an oval face?

Oval faces have the particularity of having fairly well balanced proportions in a natural way. This physiognomy has the advantage of admitting practically all possible haircuts: short, long, square, smooth, curly, etc. You can give free rein to your desires and dare different hairstyles.

What hairstyle for a long face?

Your elongated face will be better highlighted with short or mid-length cuts as well as bangs or locks on the side. An additional option is the long, slightly wavy bob. You will need to avoid hairstyles that are too long and too short which can accentuate the length of your face.

What cut for a round face?

Opt for cuts that will lengthen your face and break its curves. A plunging bob will be perfect, as will a short cut or layered mid-length hair ideal for lengthening your face. On the other hand, you should avoid cuts that are too short, straight bangs and hair that is too straight.

What cut for a face in the shape of an inverted triangle?

If you have an inverted triangle-shaped face, favor square and mid-length cuts. You can also allow yourself bangs or a section on the side. Among the cuts to avoid, straight hair or too long and plunging squares.

What cut for a hexagonal face?

If you have a hexagonal face, prefer long cuts more or less degraded. But a mid-length cut or a slightly curly bob will highlight you. On the other hand, cuts that are too geometric will suit you less, as will fringes and short which are to be avoided.

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