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If you plan to build a beautiful and powerful Chaos Space Marines army to deploy on the battlefield, you will first of all need a sufficient number of miniatures as well as a suitable model kit to assemble, paint and customize them.

Corrupt Elite warriors and staunch opponents of the Imperium, the Chaos Space Marines are one of the most powerful factions in the Warhammer 40k universe, as are the most beloved miniatures by Hobby players. Find everything you need to start building your Chaos Space Marines army.

Start by purchasing your Chaos Space Marines miniatures

For the first step in building your future Chaos Space Marines army, you need to invest in purchasing Warhammer 40k miniatures from this faction. Depending on the desired size, you will be sure to choose a significant number of figures. Note that Games Workshop has taken care to design several units of soldiers, machines, weapons and vehicles specific to this faction which is one of the largest.

Depending on the consistency of your budget, you can opt for a full box of miniatures in the Dark Impérium or Star Collecting Chaos Space Marines range if you have significant resources. On the other hand, if you have a rather limited budget you will always be able to find pleasure in the purchase of several boxes of the Easy to Build Chaos Space Marines range.

In any case, remember that you can benefit from up to 20 to 25% discount on the purchase of your Chaos Space Marines miniatures by purchasing in stores specializing in the discount price of Warhammer 40k products.

Also get a model kit to assemble and paint your figurines

Once you have acquired your miniatures, you must assemble them and paint them to “bring them to life”. And for that, you will of course need a suitable model kit in order to work them. Among other things, you will find model pliers for citadel, cutters and plastic glue, as well as brushes and paint cans of your choice.

Obviously, as with miniatures, you can get these tools in the official Games Workshop online stores, but also in one of the many stores selling Warhammer 40k products online and at discount prices.

To go further in building your army of Chaos Space Marines

To go further in building your army and make things even more interesting, note that you can model or customize your Chaos Space Marines miniatures so that they are more original.

To do this, you can during assembly use Warhammer 40k Space Mainres du Chaos bitz (which are concretely other pieces of figurines of the Chaos Spaces Marines faction that can be bought on specialized stores like Bitzstore. com) to better adapt them to the different Chaos Gods they serve. You can also use decoration creations of figurines corresponding to your army.

You can easily purchase a wide range of Chaos Space Marines bitz (body parts, weapons, turbines, shields, etc.) at retail and at reasonable prices on most online sales sites offering products from the Warhammer universe. 40,000.

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