What Essentials for Good Teleworking Conditions?

With the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and the introduction of containment, teleworking has established itself as a benchmark model for companies. Far from traditional offices, teleworking has its own requirements and its tools which condition its efficient implementation, the comfort and productivity of the employees who use it.

A good internet connection

The Internet is the essential resource for the effective implementation of teleworking. It is in fact via a good internet connection that you will be able to access your company’s infrastructures (servers, remote databases, etc.). But also the channel through which you can receive / transmit work directives, network or communicate with remote teams.

To enjoy a stable and fast internet connection you will then have to invest in the purchase of a quality internet box and choose the best internet service provider.

Good computer equipment

Man working on computer on multi screen mac book

The effectiveness of remote work also depends on the equipment used by the teleworker. So you need to get the best IT tools to ensure your productivity. For the sake of confidentiality and cost, adequate IT equipment is more often provided by the company. This eliminates the need to buy them yourself or use your personal equipment.

The category of technological equipment and their technical characteristics may however vary depending on the nature of the tasks to be performed. In general, the basic computer equipment used in the context of teleworking includes in particular:

  • A high-performance computer (fixed or portable)
  • A smartphone or a tablet
  • A webcam and a headset for videoconferencing meetings if necessary
  • A mouse and a keyboard.

Comfort in the seat

To benefit from optimal sitting during your working hours, you should preferably use an ergonomic and comfortable office chair. Such an accessory will limit genes and the occurrence of back problems that are common with regular chairs.

Depending on your needs, some chair models can be adjustable and rotatable. They can be accompanied by a footrest to improve the positioning of your body and limit musculoskeletal pain.

An opportune space for good performance

To optimize your performance while working from home, you should ideally set up a dedicated workspace at home. A sort of small home office where you can work in peace, without the risk of being distracted.

Setting up a home workspace is relatively straightforward. Depending on the space available, you will opt for an isolated room where you can install a table, your chair and all the work equipment that you must have at hand.

Good organization for a job well done

Finally, the key to the success of teleworking lies in a good organization and management of your working time. You need to be careful to streamline your work time and avoid procrastination. In particular by setting up a schedule for yourself and striving to stick to it. You will need to clearly determine the time allotted to work. As well as those that you can devote to your relaxation, your leisure activities and your loved ones.

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