What exactly is marketing automation?

A marketer’s worst enemy: boring, repetitive tasks that keep you from focusing on the big picture and the long-term policy. Hence the success of marketing automation: this technology has become more accessible, saving valuable time and allowing brands to quickly improve customer relations and the user experience.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the use of software designed to automate marketing work. Repetitive jobs like emails, social media campaigns, and website activities often require automation. By contacting a marketing automation agency, you can make your tasks easier.

Why use marketing automation?

Marketing automation offers many benefits, especially for PR teams. We collected a few:

  • Strong leads: Marketing automation is one way to nurture leads, in 2 ways. First and foremost, assigning points to leads allows you to remove untrained leads from your most encouraging leads and send only those leads to your sales employee.

In addition, the automatic prospect monitoring system will allow you to better visualize the needs (expressed or not) of your buyers and the difficulties they are trying to solve. Finally, when one of your salespeople contacts a prospect, he has access to all the information that concerns him: the types of content he downloads, the emails he receives, etc.

  • Perfect timing: Everyone knows that when it comes to marketing, the right timing is crucial. Acting at the best time is almost impossible if you don’t automate marketing.

Imagine a cafe owner who wants to improve his point of sale. After arriving on your Web page to read the business case, he was hesitant about the prerogatives of the software you were offering and finally turned to the competitor. It is therefore late to recontact the latter. The automatic marketing technique will automatically send him more information to help him make a choice and allow him to meet his commercial agent.

Who can benefit from marketing automation?

No matter your level of maturity, marketing automation can be your friend in achieving your goals. Thanks to a better understanding of the results of your marketing campaigns, it is possible to use it to launch real lead machines and improve the processes that already exist.

It is not only for companies with hyper-developed marketing centers and clear strategy, conversely started small and building gradually is the best way to develop successful marketing technique.

If you used to generate leads, implementing marketing automation will also allow you to quickly send hot leads to your sales rep: a simple way to decrease your sales cycle and build better relationships.

The stages of optimization: Marketing automation helps guide prospects through the stages of the sales pitch, using historical transaction data to fully understand the relationship between the customer and the business before making a deal. It’s this kind of information that allows you to make processes more efficient and increase sales.

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