What football fan accessories to bring to the stadium?

This time around, you won’t be watching the soccer game from your TV and sitting comfortably on your living room sofa. You have found seats and are moving to the stadium to attend the match in the stands.

As a loyal supporter, you want to display the colors of your club. But, what accessories should you bring?

The casual supporter

The supporter that we will qualify as “casual” is the most common. He shows his support for his heart club through discreet accessories. The football scarf is his favorite object.

Moreover, if you go to the stadiums, you will see in the presidential stands that many business leaders, invited or not, wear a simple club scarf and nothing else to signify their preferences.

If this is a big game for which a dedicated scarf has been created, you can pick it up at the official club shop open at the stadium. Also look at online sites. So, if you want a recent or vintage PSG scarf, Paris Memorabilia will satisfy you.

Other accessories can complement or replace the scarf. This is particularly the case of the cap when the weather is nice or the cap in winter.

Let us also mention textiles. Today, the boutiques of the big clubs have nothing to envy to the fashion boutiques. You can find polo shirts, jeans and even coats with a discreet club crest. If you like sportswear, a sports jacket will also give you a casual look with moderate supportism.

The supporter dressed from head to toe

For other fans, coming to the stadium is like a little fashion show. They then put on several clothes and accessories in the colors of their club.

The most common is obviously the soccer jersey. It can be new or old, have player flocking or a personalized message. Just avoid flocking your name because it makes “footix”.

In addition to this jersey, the scarf remains a classic, but the latter will not spend the entire match tied around your neck. You will proudly brandish it and accompany the songs of the ultras.

Wearing the club shorts for an identical outfit to the players is a bit too much. But, the rest of your outfit can also be club products. You can have a tracksuit, a cap, a jacket …

Make-up in the colors of the team is common in France team matches, but is rare or even too childish for a club match.

The fanatical supporter risking court

Are you an ultra, a real one capable of tattooing your club’s crest on your heart and traveling across Europe to follow your team’s match? There is no doubt that the supporters of the presidential stands with their little scarf do not make you dream, even if you know their importance for the ticket office.

Your first baptism of fire might be to take a smoke bomb into the stadium and go through security. But be careful, because if you fail, you will end up at the police station.

Instead of the club-colored scarves, you will have the colors of your group of supporters. The Bad Gones in Lyon, Mtp in Marseille, the CUP in Paris, the Green Angels in Saint-Etienne, these ultras give voice, perform magic tifos and their club is an important part of their life!

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