What is a data recovery cleanroom?

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The hard disk is an object made of very sensitive components, it is not possible to make repairs in a conventional room which is not intended for this purpose. In particular, data recovery is not an option, you have to go through a professional who has a clean room for data recovery.

What is the principle of a clean room?

A clean room is, in fact, a clean room in which you will not find particles. The less dust you find in the blank, the more qualitative it is and the better a hard drive will be repaired for example.

To be up to standards this room must have the ISO 14644-1 standard, which corresponds to an ISO 8 room, which indicates that there will be no more than 29,300 particles of 5 µm / m³, which is really weak.

When working in this type of room, the person must also be protected and well equipped. The dust level is therefore controlled, as well as the humidity level, as well as the temperature.

Why is it necessary to work in a clean room?

Working in a clean room is the best and safest solution to recover data without damaging it. Because if the slightest dust or even a hair falls on one of the components, it could cause you to lose some or all of the saved data.

It is therefore necessary to go through professionals who have a clean room for the recovery of data from a hard drive. Thus, they will be able to examine the hard drive and do their utmost to recover the lost data.

How does the disassembly of a hard drive work in a clean room?

Once fully equipped, the technician carefully opens the hard drive, after which the magnetic plate, where the information storage elements are located, is removed. But these are not the only elements to be removed, there is also the reader head, the electronic board of the disc (PCB), once removed they are examined.

If, at the time of dismantling, the technician notices any deterioration of the equipment, or the need to change parts, he will order them to make the necessary repairs. In addition, be aware that there is no guarantee of data recovery, they do what is necessary to recover as much as possible, but they may be too damaged.

Once the necessary is done, you can recover your hard drive and check what could be recovered. It will not be possible to recover more, if the professionals have not succeeded.

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