What is a Gender Reveal Party and How to Organize it?

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One of the strongest moments for parents who are expecting the birth of a child is knowing the sex of the unborn baby. To share this memorable moment with your family and loved ones, the Gender Reveal Party is the ideal solution. To succeed in this event, you will have to respect certain codes. Find out here what a gender reveal party is and the useful tips to organize this party well.

A gender reveal party: what is it?

The concept of the gender reveal party comes directly from the United States. It is a baby shower during which future parents reveal the sex of their baby. This ceremony is usually organized in the presence of friends, family and close members of the couple.

The gender reveal party can take several forms. However, regardless of its mode of organization, it consists for the parents in learning the sex of the child at the same time as the relatives. For this, the gynecologist provides parents with a sealed envelope containing a paper on which the sex of the baby is mentioned.

The couple must reveal the sex of the child in an original way. One of the peculiarities of this festival is the unisex decoration (blue and pink) used. An ideal gender reveal party is punctuated by specific activities related to the birth of the baby.

How to organize the announcement of the sex of a baby?

To organize a gender reveal party, the first element to consider is the decoration. There are decorative accessories that you can use when announcing the sex of the baby. This is for example the smoke from Sparklers-club.com. These come in a wide range of colors and shapes.

They give off vaporous fumes with extraordinary visual effects and will allow you to bring a touch of originality to the party of the revelation of the sex of the child. Also be sure to keep a certain harmony between the decoration of the room and the tables. To perfect the organization, you must also choose the buffet and the theme of the evening.

A final factor to consider for successful organization concerns games and entertainment. You will have to be creative and offer the guests games related to the theme of the party. There are many ideas and the sparklers from Sparklers-club.com remain favorites, to liven up the event and put on a show.

When to announce the sex of the child?

Organizing the gender reveal party requires exceptional and rigorous planning. It is often advisable to organize this evening before the 7th month of pregnancy. If you wish, you can send the invitations one month in advance, or between the 5th and the 6th month. Usually, the parents are informed of the sex of the child at the second ultrasound session. This often takes place during the 22nd week of pregnancy.

There is not a perfect time to announce the sex of the baby at the gender reveal party. It is often advisable to schedule the revelation of sex after the game sessions. These are usually done early in the evening. The best time for this reveal will depend heavily on how the evening unfolds, the theme, and the medium by which you want to make the announcement. There is only one rule to follow: neither too early nor too late! It will simply be necessary to define a moment during which the attention of the guests will be focused on the revelation of the sex of the baby.

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