What is a Standard Mailbox?

In order to facilitate the distribution of mail and parcels, the regulations impose a standardized letterbox format.

The latter responds to specific characteristics and requirements which it is good to comply with when designing your letterbox and its layout. Here is the basics of what you need to know about the Standard Mailbox.

A letterbox that complies with current standards

Fields with letterboxes on colorful stakes

A standard letterbox means a letterbox whose design and layout meet the specific requirements of the standard.

More specifically, these are AFNOR (French Association for Standardization) standards which define the mandatory characteristics and dimensions to be observed for individual and collective letterboxes. The main objective of the standardized letterbox is to facilitate and secure the distribution of mail.

It is the decree n ° 1802 of June 29, 1979 which makes the installation of a standardized letterbox obligatory for all the dwellings after July 12, 1979 in France.

The characteristics of a standardized letterbox

Black letterbox with number

To comply with AFNOR standards, the letterbox must meet well-defined characteristics. These relate to 4 essential points which are: the compulsory format of the box, the identification of its owner, its locking system and accessibility.

The dimensions of a standard letterbox

The box must be able to contain a package and be of sufficient size to facilitate the delivery of any type of mail.

According to AFNOR regulations, the box must measure 26 cm in width, 26 cm in height and 34 cm in depth. The letter insertion slot must be at least 22 cm long and 3 cm high.

Identification of the standardized letterbox

A standardized mailbox must have a label or plate bearing the first and last names of the owner and occupants of the home or accommodation it serves.

The access control system

The standardized letterbox must be equipped with an access control system that allows letter carriers to open them with the special keys they have. It must be compatible with a PTT Pass or a VIGIK standard Pass.

Accessibility to the box

To make it easier to access and secure, the box should be placed at a certain height and at the edge of your property. You must fix it at a minimum height of 70 cm and a maximum of 1.70 m from the ground. It should ideally be set up in a location that is free to access, well lit and free from any danger.

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