What is fordyce and how to treat it

Fordyce is a very common skin condition in both men and women that is harmless despite its appearance. Here we will see what it is and what causes it, if it has any complications and its treatment. Here we will see what it is and what causes it, if it has any complications and its treatment.

Fordyce Buttons: What are they?

Fordyce spots, also called Fordyce spots or Fordyce spots, are small bumps, which can be red, yellow, or flesh-colored, that appear on the penis, lips, scrotum, or near the mouth. They can appear in both men and women, although the incidence in men is up to twice as high. Despite their appearance, these pimples are harmless because they pose no health risk.

Cause of Fordyce spots

Fordyce pimples are a type of sebaceous gland, also called an ectopic sebaceous gland, which appears in an unusual place on the body. It’s not clear exactly what causes them, some dermatologists believe they may be linked to hormonal changes or even begin to form when the fetus is in the womb. In general, people with oily skin are more likely to have it. As for the spots around the mouth and eyes, some doctors believe they may be caused by hyperlipidemia. Recent studies also establish a link between Fordyce and arterial or coronary heart disease. What is clear is that Fordyce pimples are not a sexually transmitted infection and are not contagious. Doctors claim that they are just a cosmetic problem and that they are natural and very common.

Complications and problems caused

These pimples are harmless, they usually do not cause pain or itching in the person who suffers from them. Only, in some cases, they can bleed during sex. As for the complications of this condition, they are generally more psychological than physical. People who have a large amount on the lip are at risk of anxiety or depression, due to the unsightly appearance. For people who have them on their genitals, they may be embarrassed or worried about their resemblance to certain diseases, such as STDs or cancer. They may also worry about bleeding during sex.

How to treat fordyce pimples?

Although the general recommendation of doctors is not to treat Fordyce pimples, there are several cosmetic treatments available. These treatments are generally not covered by insurance companies, so they are the responsibility of the patient. These treatments are: electrodesiccation, makes stains less visible; pulsed dye laser, is often used in cases of hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands and leaves less traces than other treatments; the micropuncture technique, manages to improve the appearance and not come back in the short term.

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