What is the Best Ad Blocker on Google Chrome?

While browsing the Internet through Google Chrome, it is common to be overwhelmed by intrusive advertisements. Very often, these pop-up ads appear on the screen in such an abusive way that it slows down the flow of your work in progress. To remedy this, many application developers offer Adblocks, each equally powerful. So what is the best ad blocker on Google Chrome?

Shelblock, the best ad blocker on Chrome

On Chrome, you have the option of blocking fraudulent advertisements from your configuration panel. However, this requires following a few well-defined steps, otherwise you could be mishandling.

To prevent intrusive pop-up ads from appearing on Google Chrome, click the browser options icon. In practice, locate the three small buttons at the top right, click on them and then select the option Settings. Now scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on the mention Advanced settings. Within the opened page, notice the option Site settings then click on it. You should now see a tab titled Advertisement. Click on it and uncheck the option Blocked.

After the previous manipulations, it is possible that some recalcitrant advertisements break the block. This is because the tools of the Chrome browser limit advertising without completely protecting you.

If you opt for the Shelblock ad blocker, your ad protection becomes simpler and more comprehensive. If you are wondering how to block ads on Google Chrome, Shelblock bills itself as the best ad blocker.

Why you should choose Shelblock?

Shelblock is an AdBlock that simplifies the process of blocking intrusive ads. With a single click from its interface, you can filter the sites on which you accept advertisements. Besides, you no longer need to delete pop-ups one by one while reading.

With Shelblock, you benefit from secure, comprehensive and effective protection. The plug-in protects your personal data on Google Chrome, Firefox, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube and many more. In addition, Shelblock protects you from malicious features such as tracking, spying and phishing or phishing. In addition to these protections, there is the blocking of advertising banners, autoplay and pop-under videos. The software is fully configurable according to your preferences.

Shelblock continuously scans your web activity to block ads in real time and protect your privacy. In addition, Shelblock software is free for almost all of your ad protection preferences. In short, choosing Shelblock is opting for a pleasant, secure, fast and efficient surfing experience.

How to install Shelblock?

Before installing the Shelblock software, go to the publisher’s website to download the installation file. As soon as you have the Shelblock installation file, double-click on it to open it and start the installation process.

As the process progresses, validate each of the steps to finalize the installation. Also choose your level of protection to automatically protect your computer against fraudulent advertising.

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