What is the Best Shampoo for Colored Hair?

Particularly in vogue for several years, hair coloring concerns nearly 16% of the population and one in two women. Ideal for enhancing a look, it must be followed by specific care, to resist aggression and protect the weakened hair. This is how important it is to adopt the correct washing routine. To this end, we support you in choosing the best shampoo for colored hair.

Why do you need special shampoo when you have colored hair?

To hide your white hair or change your look, hair coloring has become widely available for several years. Today, it is aimed at both men and women and requires a specific interview of the hair. While it offers certain aesthetic advantages, coloring also induces a embrittlement hair.

Overall, colored hair tends to be more porous, drier, and more brittle. To protect them, the choice of a specific shampoo is essential. It will allow preserve strength and shine, all in now the intensity color.

Finally, it will protect colored hair from all aggressions related to the environment. Indeed, pollution, cold, hard water or sun are all sources of capillary weakening.

For optimal effectiveness, shampoo for colored hair contains surfactants intended to capture impurities and fat. It is also composed ofantioxidants, and in particular vitamin E, to maintain the radiance of the color over time.

Finally, the care workers nourish the hair and smooth it out any scales. Finally, integrating a good specific shampoo into your skincare routine offers the guarantee of preserving hair and coloring.

Which shampoo according to the color?

To effectively maintain colored hair, the choice of shampoo must be made according to its hair color. Indeed, the use of an unsuitable shampoo can induce a early washout and unsightly colored hair.

Note that no color shade is spared by this phenomenon. Blond hair will tend to turn yellow, brown highlights will pull towards red, while red hues may dull.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to select suitable components. The blond hair will preferably opt for a recipe anti-yellowing, composed of natural assets that will close the scales.

Note that chamomile has particularly interesting lightening properties to sublimate the blonde. On the other hand, it is important to” avoid silicone-based formulas, particularly harmful to health. The brown hair rather focus on care based on henna, ideal for restoring shine to color.

To maintain the other colors, we can move towards argan oil recipes, of rice protein or even butter from shea to soften the hair. Acai berries and soy lecithin are also particularly popular natural shampoo components. They are renowned for their ability to fix color and nourish the hair.

How to apply shampoo for colored hair?

To preserve its color and effectively protect your hair, it is important to adopt a good washing routine. In addition to the choice of a nourishing and antioxidant shampoo, the integration of good cleaning skills is essential.

Therefore, for effective maintenance, you will take care of wet your hair thoroughly. To apply your shampoo, you will lather one or two hazelnuts between your hands.

Then you will take care of gently massage your scalp with your fingertips, performing circular movements. You will particularly insist on the roots in order to oxygenate them well. Finally, you will finish your treatment by rinsing abundantly to remove all traces of shampoo.

To complete your routine, do not hesitate to use a mask, a conditioner or an oil bath. These products will help strengthen the action of your shampoo on your colored hair.

What are the best brands of shampoo for colored hair?

To maintain a glowing shade level and protect your colored hair, selecting the right shampoo is essential. You still have to choose the product best suited to your color and type of hair. Indeed, the market offers a particularly wide range in terms of brands and recipes.

Among the most popular products, the System Professionals shampoo is effective in maintaining male colored hair. With its formula at based on olive extracts and particularly rich in vitamins B5, colored hair is durably protected from external aggressions. It should be noted that this shampoo is particularly suitable for frequent washing.

To maintain an optimal level of coloration, the Schwarzkopf Color Freeze shampoo appeals to many consumers. Its sulfate-free composition allows clean the hair gently, while protecting the coloring. Particularly widespread among professionals, this treatment can be used daily and contributes to tighten the hair fiber.

Organic enthusiasts will readily orient themselves towards Coslys shampoo for colored hair. Its formula enriched with Blue Immortelle extracts ensures the radiance of colorations and highlights, and strengthens weakened hair. Certified organic, it combines various natural ingredients and in particular extracts of sage, rosemary, lavender or thyme.

This mix of plants allows it to tighten the capillary scale, to protect the hair from UVA / UVB effects while protecting the color. Finally, this shampoo is ideal for bring suppleness, shine and softness with colored hair.

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