What is the best yogurt maker?

Stop fatty industrial yogurt, with bad milk, chemical flavors and a bad effect on your digestion! With a good yogurt maker, you will be able to make excellent desserts easily and quickly.

To help you, here is an explanation of the equipment and a selection of three quality yogurt makers.

What does a yogurt maker do?

Visible and comparable on the yogurtieres.fr site, yoghurt makers are used to create yoghurts. To do this, go to a cooking recipe site and search for a recipe for making yogurt.

Put the rendering in the pots placed on top of the yogurt maker. Start the program which will independently heat the jars for several hours at the right temperature (that is, the one which thickens the preparation and develops the bacteria that bring their taste to the yoghurts).

Lagrange 439101 yoghurt maker with 7 pots

French brand, Lagrange is often present in the kitchen furniture of gastronomy lovers. Indeed, this manufacturer is recognized for its know-how. This yogurt maker proves it once again.

Rounded in shape, it can accommodate up to 7 jars with a high capacity, i.e. 185 grams. 7 jars may not seem like much, but looking at the quantity, that represents more than 1.3 kg of yogurt!

The hood provides maximum protection for the yoghurt during cooking and limits dirt when you store your yogurt maker. The latter can be programmed up to 15 hours, which leaves ample time to heat the products as they should.

The jars are sturdy and the lids allow you to write with a felt-tip pen and then erase. This is ideal for indicating the taste and the date of preparation (and thus to avoid letting a yogurt go bad).

The Seb YG6581FR yoghurt maker with 12 pots

The Yogurt maker sold by the Seb brand is very popular with moms and dads who want to make yoghurts for the whole family. Indeed, it has a capacity of 12 pots.

The jars are smaller than with Lagrange since they are 140 grams, but that’s enough for a meal.

Besides the production of yoghurts and fresh cheeses, the machine integrates several programs of milk-based desserts. A recipe booklet is provided in the box to give you as many ideas as possible. Here we find Seb’s habit of making complete products.

Moulinex Yogurteo yogurt maker with 7 pots

The word “simplicity” sums up the Yogurteo yogurt maker sold by the French brand Moulinex. This is indicated by the basic design or the buttons reduced to their bare minimum.

Indeed, you have two buttons: one to turn the yogurt maker on and off, the other to program the cooking time. So it’s a little too basic if you dream of multiplying desserts made from milk, but if you only want to make yogurt, that’s great.

Above all, this simplicity also translates into a preferential rate. Depending on the merchants, you find the 7-jar 160-liter format between 30 and 40 euros, while for an additional ten euros, you get 7 additional jars (to make a second round, the machine remains the same).

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