What is the difference between a Perfume, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

Everyone has tried to use perfume at least once. Several products are offered on the market for this purpose. Among others, there is perfume, eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Each of these options has specific points that you need to know for proper use. Focus on their difference!

What is the difference for a perfume?

Perfume is an odorous composition whose persistence over time depends on the ingredients of which it is made. There are two main categories of perfumes: natural models and artificial models. Natural fragrances are usually made from flowers or other natural substances. Also, there are citrus fruits and natural flavors that are part of their composition.

Artificial perfumes, on the other hand, are prepared with a mixture of natural perfume materials and synthetic molecules. For both models, just apply a few drops in the palm of the hand or on the neck to smell good all day.

What is the difference for an eau de parfum?

The first characteristic of an eau de parfum is its rich composition in raw materials. It is generally composed of flowers and strong fresh citrus fruits. Also, there are base notes in the composition of the products offered by some perfumers. These elements permeate users’ skin and provide a lasting scent.

With an eau de parfum, it is possible to feel good for at least 6 hours. Some brands nowadays offer eau de parfum that can last all day, even if the smell weakens over time. Due to their high concentration, it is enough to apply them twice a day to keep their good scent.

What is the difference for an eau de toilette?

Woman perfuming herself in front of a round mirror

Fresh and light, the composition of the eau de toilette is weakly concentrated. It usually consists of fresh citrus, delicate flowers and crunchy fruit. An eau de toilette has the particularity of offering a good scent.

However, this odor eventually disappears after 3 to 4 hours. Regarding the method of application, you have to perfume yourself several times a day with your eau de toilette to smell good all day.

Perfume, eau de parfum and eau de toilette: which is best for you?

Among the three options, you must especially consider your needs to make a good choice. For advice, it is advisable to resort to perfume when planning to embalm once in the day or for a special occasion.

The eau de parfum is more suitable for users who want to smell good for short periods of time. Finally, you have to choose the eau de toilette for frequent daily use because of its low concentration.

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