What is the difference between laser epilator and pulsed light epilator?

Tired of razors, depilatory creams and wax? In this case, you can opt for laser hair removal or pulsed light hair removal which are a very effective solution. To find out which method is best for you, we will see in detail the points that differentiate these two solutions. In particular, we will develop the differences relating to the way of proceeding as well as to the result obtained.

How do the methods differ?

The difference between these two hair removal solutions lies, first of all, in the type of light used.

Pulsed light hair removal uses light with a wider spectrum. The wavelength is, in fact, between 700 and 1,200 nanometers. Thus, although it can cover a large area of ​​hair, its action is less targeted.

Regarding laser hair removal, the wavelengths used depend on the pigmentation of the hair. There are in particular 3 types of laser, namely:

  • Alexandrite at 750 nanometers
  • Diodes at 810 nanometers
  • The yag at 1,064 nanometers for dark skin tones

Finally, the laser epilator can only be used by a doctor, and especially by a dermatologist. The pulsed light epilator, on the other hand, is a common tool in beauty institutes.

What are the differences in the result?

These two epilators both allow you to have long-lasting or even permanent hair removal. The result obtained is thus identical whether it is for laser hair removal or pulsed light hair removal.

However, it should be noted that due to the targeted action of the laser epilator, the results are much faster than with a pulsed light epilator. Thus, with the laser, it is possible to get rid of 80% of hairs from 6 sessions.

On the other hand, if you have finer and lighter hairs, the pulsed light epilator is more effective.

What is the best pulsed light epilator?

For a perfect hair removal at home, we recommend that you opt for the pulsed light epilator BRI956 / 00 from the Philips brand. For many years, this epilator has indeed offered ergonomics, speed and optimum performance.

First of all, with its two additional heads, it allows for a cleaner and more precise result. In addition, these two heads allow secure hair removal in sensitive areas such as the face or the bikini line.

Finally, despite its high price, the Philips BRI956 / 00 offers better value for money. Indeed, this technology is without health risks.

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