What is the Meaning of Smiley XD and X)?

Having made their first appearance in 1963, smileys have invaded the digital space. They can be found in all online communication channels and media and participate in the facilitation of discussions. There are a multitude of them with different shapes, colors and meanings. Among the most used smileys are the XD and the X). But what do they mean concretely?

Smiley XD: meaning and explanation

The XD smiley is made up of the letters X and D. The X represents squinted or closed eyes and the D represents a wide open mouth. This smiley is said to originate from the animated series “South Park” in which the laughing characters present a face with X-shaped eyes and a D-shaped mouth. But you have to turn the letters over in order to notice the link with the face. characters from the anime.

Thus, the XD smiley is a smiley which expresses a strong emotion of hilarity and is literally translated by the expression “laughing out loud”. It is therefore used to respond to funny posts that are sometimes considered exaggerated.

Smiley X): meaning and explanation

The smiley X) consists of the letter X and a closed parenthesis. The X also represents closed eyes and the parenthesis, a stretched mouth. It is also a smiley that expresses an emotion of hilarity, but in a light, attenuated way.

The smiley face X) is used to express a certain joy relating to a given publication. It can also be used to express acceptance of a post. It is even possible, in this case, to accentuate its effect by doubling the parenthesis, as if to signify double adherence to the posted message.

Other Internet users consider the smiley X) to be a smile expressing a certain reserve vis-à-vis a publication.

In short, the smileys XD and X) have the same origin, express the same emotion, but to varying degrees.

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