What is the risk of eating too few calories?

To lose weight, sometimes we are ready for anything. It is true that a very large amount of calories in our body causes obesity, so we are naturally wary of it.

But what about his deficit? Does a lack of calories present risks for the body? Response elements !

Chronic stress

Low revs can be very dangerous. When you consume less than 2000 calories per day, it is possible that you will develop permanent signs of hunger and fatigue, which can become a rather embarrassing situation.

The fewer calories you have, the more food your body will want to eat. You will be constantly thinking about the next meal. You will no longer be able to decide between snacking quickly before your next snack time or resisting until the end. You can still eat vegetables to lose excess fat while building your strength and energy. You will then be stress.

At this level, you no longer control your body or your emotions, since you have only one desire: to eat constantly. Imagine that you had to face this situation every day. It is obvious that you will be tense all the time if you do not quickly regain control of your eating.

In this specific context, stress is caused by your state of permanent fatigue, your feeling of not being satiated, and your fear of gaining weight if you indulge in food.

The risk of overweight

As likely as it may seem, the overweight is a risk associated with a low diet. We agree that not having enough calories during a low diet leads to daily stress. When you are stressed, your body releases more cortisol and develops extreme resistance to insulin. This will cause your weight to stagnate.

Worse, instead of going down, your fat will be increasing permanently.

So remember that it is good to eat foods with few calories to lose weight of course, but it is even more important to monitor the amount of calories the body needs to function properly.

The risk of osteoporosis

A certain number of calories are essential for the body to be able to function normally. This explains the fact that you automatically feel a lack during your low diet. If, however, you want to keep your strength and energy during your diet, you can still eat vegetables.

Osteoporosis is when your bones become completely weak and brittle. A lack of calories greatly reduces the creation of new bone tissue. This condition begins very slowly with permanent bone fractures, and gets worse and worse when you don’t make a quick decision about what to eat.

Eating low-calorie foods is great for weight loss, but even more important is monitoring how many calories the body needs to function properly.

Lack of sufficient calories can have serious consequences both on the plan physical than psychic. It is important to watch your diet without strict calorie restriction, and to always accompany your diet with regular sports activity.

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