What Job to Do Sports at the Same Time?

Are you looking for a perfect job to play sports at the same time as you work? Note that there are a variety of jobs that may match your needs.

For example, you can become a bicycle courier, work as a sports coach, become a sports teacher or even a tourist guide, among other things.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you find the ideal job to combine work and sport.

Become a bicycle courier

The activity generally consists of delivering meals, parcels and mail at home via a bicycle courier platform. A very flexible profession, ideal for cycling enthusiasts, but not only.

Thanks to this activity which brings you to pedal regularly, you will improve your physical health and earn money while delivering a clean service for the environment.

A crucial detail, however, is to choose the platform for which to exercise. There are a multitude of them. For example, you can become an Uber Eats courier, register with Deliveroo or Stuart, which are among the best delivery services in France.

Become a sports coach

A booming profession, being a sports coach allows you to perfectly combine work and physical activity. It is a highly practical job in which you have the mission of advising, preparing and supporting individuals in their quest for form and well-being through personalized training programs.

You yourself are called upon to do and have performed a variety of exercises suited to your clients’ needs and their physical condition.

Become a sports teacher

Children doing gym at school, sports teacher

Another great job to play sports at the same time is as a PE teacher. If you have a passion for sport and like to pass on your knowledge, this is a job that may be right for you.

As part of this job, you are called upon to teach physical education and sports to students of all ages, mainly in high schools and colleges. Its exercise requires that you have a solid knowledge of the different sports disciplines and their practice.

Become a tourist guide

Tourist guide for tours, map, museum

Several specialties in this profession such as that of hiking guide or mountain guide … allow you to be constantly in physical activity.

In general, becoming a tourist guide requires many skills including excellent physical condition and a lot of endurance since you have to move and walk daily or even for several days on often difficult terrain.

Your privileged working ground is nature. Depending on the routes and routes planned, each excursion or hike will embark you on a real adventure both sporting and physical.

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