What Makes a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign?

To some people, marketing campaigns may seem outdated, however it is still very effective. Unlike social networks, it is a direct communication channel, people see it and are forced to open it, and it’s less restrictive than a phone call. So what are the keys to making these campaigns successful?

How to succeed in an SMS marketing campaign?

Running an SMS marketing campaign is a good idea, but if not done right it could be ineffective and waste your precious time. It is therefore important to know how to create an effective campaign before you start.

Have the right target for your messages

Emails are usually sent en masse, but with sms you have the opportunity to target better. You must therefore segment your audience, to send the right message to the right recipient so that it is impactful. The ideal is to integrate your CRM system directly with your messaging system to use the database.

Save time by automating your messages

The advantage of targeting is to be able to receive results, making it possible to see if the targeted person reacts or not and thus program automatic messages according to their actions. If you have not had a reaction to follow up on a first message sent, you can for example send him a second to restart it.

Don’t forget to include a Call To Action

In order for your customer or prospect to be able to react to your message, it is essential to integrate a CTA (Call To Action) directly into your message. Thus, you can directly bring him where you want him to go, on a product or a service for example. Or if you’re campaigning for a contest, a CTA to it is great for them to enter.

Personalization is the key to a real bond

Making a personalized message is the key to having a conversion, it is one of the tips you can give Wellpack which specializes in marketing campaigns. Receiving a personalized message is much more pleasant, the person will have more reflex to go further and want to know more. It is therefore a real key to succeed in converting the customer.

What are the stages of setting up an SMS marketing campaign?

  • Create the campaign, this is one of the most important steps, you will have to define and set up your communication strategy, for it to be effective.
  • Make the right targeting, using your database, you can send the most appropriate message to the right people, so you must define your target according to the campaign to be carried out.
  • Deploy the campaign, it’s time to deploy your campaign, it’s up to you to make sure that everything is in place, that the messages will go at a specific time and to the right people
  • Follow the results, once the campaign is deployed, you will have to follow the results, you could then look at the open rate, the click rate on the link, but also the conversion rate, which is one of your most relevant indicators
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