What opportunities and challenges for the plastics industry in the face of pollution?

The plastics industry is a young industry on a human scale, which shows a continuous growth rate and an exceptional turnover. The dynamism of the sector is well established. However, with the problem of pollution which is emerging in the great days in recent years, this industry is faced with several challenges and opportunities.

Plastics are everywhere

Plastics are present in our daily life. Polymers make our lives easier, without us realizing it.

Walking around the house, you will find several plastic products: the bathtub, the toothbrush, the tube of toothpaste, the fridge, plastic bottles, eyeglasses or sunglasses, television and DVDs , electrical outlets, flower pots… Plastic is everywhere. It is a material that is part of our life.

Plastics: An innovative sector with a promising future

Faced with globalization and pollution, plastics companies must innovate and diversify their activities towards niche markets, more promising or complementary markets.

The future of this industry depends on the ability of the various companies in the sector to invest in the integration of new technologies, news that you must follow in this area so as not to be left behind, for example, portalplasturgie.fr. This is a very important point to take into consideration.

To protect the environment from pollution, companies need to integrate recycling into their production process. They may even opt for alternative plastic manufacturing that does not contain artificial polymers, such as plastic made from biomass or bioplastic.

The plastics processing industry is gaining momentum. The plastics industry is present in all sectors of the future. Companies must therefore bet on the capacity for innovation and take risks to gain market share internationally.

The challenges of the plastics industry

Regarding the challenges of the plastics industry, we focus on the high energy costs, but also the costs of the raw material (PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.). Moreover, the costs of raw materials depend on the price of oil, which can increase over time. For the availability of raw material, it represents a real challenge for companies in the sector.

The other challenge that large companies must face is upgrading, particularly with the advent of the various free trade zones.

In addition, the growth in consumption poses the problem of pollution. Companies are therefore called upon to integrate incinerators for plastic waste. This is a very expensive operation and requires very advanced technology. We must therefore encourage the creation of collection and recovery companies.

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