What Outfits for a Country-Themed Wedding?

To organize a wedding, it is important to define a theme. Based on this, you can make the decoration and choose what kind of clothes to wear. As part of a country-themed wedding, note that there are specific outfits to wear, at least outfits that lend themselves more to it, as well as accessories. So as not to be missed, here are some ways to choose the right outfit as a bride and groom, but also as a guest at a country wedding.

Country attire for the bride

Groom couple from behind, bride wearing long veil and close-fitting dress

For a country-themed wedding, the bride should choose a dress with bohemian lines. It has the particularity of having lace and being very close to the wearer’s body. The country wedding dress is also characterized by its straight and refined appearance. It is long and exudes clarity. As for the finishes, they can be made with flower patterns.

Fine embroidery may also be suitable. There are a variety of these dresses on the market that you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. Moreover, some clothing brands are particularly distinguished in the manufacture of these types of items.

This is notably the case of Elsa Gary, Rosa Clara and Eglantine Créations. Lilly, Demetrios, and Ladybird who are fashion designers who excel in making country wedding dresses.

The country style outfit for the groom

Wooden bow tie with small sky blue ribbon
Source: nordicwoodstore.com

For his wedding in the countryside, the groom must opt ​​for a two-piece suit, especially beige. Also, to stand out, you can add a vest. To match this set, the floral shirt can be chosen.

Likewise, remember to preferably wear a bow tie instead of a tie for the celebration of your union in the countryside. In addition to being fashionable, this style of dress is country style. The bow tie to choose must be with a floral pattern or with a pastel type color, to be all the more original the wooden bow tie.

Striped or leather suspenders should also complement the groom’s dress code. They are certainly hidden under the jacket during the celebration.

The outfit as a guest at a country wedding

Wedding, couple with their guests making a selfie

Guests for country weddings must also adopt a correct and appropriate dress code. The style must reveal relaxation while remaining elegant. Hosts of this event should avoid dark colored clothing.

Therefore, it is better to opt for pastel tones and floral outfits. Long or short dresses, elegantly designed and enhancing their femininity, are preferred by women. The textile used in the manufacture of your clothes must also be light.

As for men, they can wear a gray or navy blue suit. The shirt itself must be light in color if not white. Floral patterned shirts are also classics for the dress code of men invited to a country wedding.

So what about the tie? You should choose it in fine shape and solid natural color. If this accessory is wool or silk, it enhances all the class of your dress for this event.

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