What Precautions and Care after Pulsed Light Hair Removal?

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To get rid of your hair, pulsed light hair removal is the most effective technique. It is long lasting and completely painless, but can have side effects. To avoid them, it is essential to take precautions after each session and to observe the interval between these sessions.

How do I care for my skin after pulsed light hair removal?

Pulsed light creates small burns on the bulbs of your hairs. This helps to delay their regrowth, but can also cause unwanted effects. To avoid them, it’s important to hydrate and soothe your skin. Hydration being a crucial step, do not hesitate to do it regularly while paying special attention to the areas that have been shaved.

You can use your usual creams. However, if you notice sudden dryness, opt for more effective moisturizers. It is also advisable to choose creams based on aloe vera for a quicker and more soothing effect. You can also apply the gel from the aloe plant directly.

In addition, one of the frequently observed side effects is irritation. To avoid them, hydration is an excellent way, but also remember to exfoliate your skin. For this, exfoliating products are available. This scrub can be unpleasant, even painful. In this case, avoid doing it right after your waxing. Finally, for a fortnight, the sun’s rays should be avoided.

How long between each hair removal session?

Pulsed light hair removal is effective and above all permanent for specific areas. These are mainly the armpits and the bikini line. Before you notice any improvements, you need about 3 sessions. From the 5th year on, almost 90% of the hair is removed.

However, for safety reasons, it is important to respect a time interval between each session. At the beginning, it takes two months between two sessions. Then, the required time is 3 months. Subsequently, ie 2 years after the first session, the separation period increases to six months, then to one year.

Read reviews on pulsed light devices

When one chooses a good pulsed light epilator, it registers only positive opinions, those who have tried it unite to praise its merits. They consider it easy to use and completely painless, also, by dint of use, it slows down hair regrowth as much as possible. In addition, the results are visible quite quickly. However, they deplore the fact that this epilator is not suitable for some skin types (black, mat, mestizo and too tanned).

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