What precautions should you take with a dog at the campsite?

It’s summer, and many families are opting for an outdoor vacation. Of course, these moments will be even more fun and genuinely complete if pets are part of the trip.

If you are thinking of going camping with your dog, this is definitely possible. However, before committing to it, make sure that you have taken all the necessary and useful arrangements.

Make sure your dog can handle road trips

Before sending your dog out for camping, you need to be sure that he is used to long distances in the car. Indeed, your dog may be prone to motion sickness if this is not the case. He will then manifest several symptoms: stress, aggressiveness, vomiting or excessive salivation.

You risk giving up on your camping plan if your dog reacts to the trip this way and the family trip on the road is hell. This is why you must absolutely prepare him to take the road with you.

For example, you can take small trips by car with him regularly, in order to get him used to it. However, you can also contact your veterinarian for adequate help.

Find a camping space that suits your dog

While it is true that dogs can go camping, it is also true that not all camping places are suitable for dogs. The ideal campsite is not only one where your dog is accepted, but also one that is suited to his personality.

Indeed, not all campsites allow the presence of dogs. Sometimes the restriction depends on the breed of the dog. You should therefore make sure that your dog is allowed in the targeted area.

Likewise, you must analyze the place in its specificities, and make sure that it does not involve any risk for your dog. Also, make sure that the facilities are favorable to the development of your companion.

Prepare your dog for camping activities

At the campsite, your dog will experience a new adventure in a different environment. His routine will be completely upset. Hiking, campfire, lakeside canoeing or kayaking are activities that he will discover with you. So you have the responsibility to train him and get him used to these things.

Of course, for his safety, your dog may not necessarily participate in all activities. It will then be attached during certain activities of varying length. So make sure your dog can handle being on a leash.

Also, teach him to socialize with people. If you have had it recently, teaching the dog to recall is also important.

Pack a business suitcase for your dog

For camping, your dog must have his own suitcase. You must not neglect his business. Remember to take with you everything he needs for his well-being and development.

Thus, you must bring enough water and food for the stay. Also, don’t forget his bowls, blanket and toys. If you plan to do water sports with your dog, get him a special dog life jacket.

Finally, take with you a care kit containing everything you need to treat him in case of injury.

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