What professions are recruiting the most in 2020?

Each year, 15,000 places are offered by the army through a hundred professions. From information to finances to computers, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

With the hundreds of thousands of candidates who storm the Armed Forces Information and Recruitment Centers (CIRFA) each year, you will need to be guided. AT

insi, it would therefore be judicious to direct you towards the professions which need more personnel than the others. Here is a list of the Army trades that recruit the most for the year 2020.

Note that the army is now recruiting a lot of women. So do not hesitate if you are a woman who dreams of the army.

Intelligence officer

As an intelligence officer, your mission will be to prevent threats to the security of the nation. You will therefore proceed to the detection, analysis and then the synthesis of all information flows concerning national security. You will have under your orders a team made up of ten soldiers and civilians. Each with a well-defined technical specialty.

Your post of assignment will probably concern research, location, identification … within an electronic warfare regiment. The use of acquired intelligence also remains an option within the staff. You could possibly be sent as part of external operations, OPEX.

On the basis of a renewable 5-year contract, you will have a remuneration of 1,725 ​​euros net per month. A BAC +3 level is required at least with one for qualities logical reasoning, team spirit and a love for technique.

Supervision officer

You will be responsible for supervising ten to thirty combatants. Your role will be to coach them, motivate them and make decisions. The use of weapons systems will be your responsibility during missions in France or OPEX. You will therefore have to choose a field of competence such as combat engineers, armored vehicles, surface-to-air defense, etc.

You will obviously benefit from training to help you assume your responsibilities. The life of your men being between your but through your responsibility for their tactical and technical training.

You will have a renewable 7-year contract with a pay of 1,725 ​​euros net per month. A BAC +2 level is required at least with a sense of responsibility and initiative as qualities.

IT Technician

During OPEX or at local and national levels, your job will consist of optimizing and managing information systems. You will therefore need to have some expertise in computer hardware (routers, connectors, cabling, etc.) as well as software.

In external deployments as in regiments, your role will therefore be to ensure the follow-up, the diagnostics, the configurations of the computer systems.

Paid 1,362 euros net per month, you will benefit from a renewable 5-year contract. A CAP / BEP-type diploma is required at least in addition to a good ability to adapt.

Budget and finance officer

Your job will be to have financial managers under your command to keep the accounts properly. Your different assignments could be within a defense base, staff, regiment, etc. You will have civilian and military personnel at your disposal and will be able to go to OPEX.

Renewable on the basis of a 5-year contract, you are paid 1,715 euros net per month. The army requires a minimum BAC +3 level with a diploma in the field as well as a sense of rigor.

For more information, go directly to sengager.fr, the army’s website.

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