What should you choose between cast iron and vermiculite for your stove?

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The stove is an element in a house, which brings warmth and comfort, we like to meet around when the cold sets in outside. Like everything when building a house, you have to make the right choices for the assembly of your stove. So what to choose for the interior lining of the stove, cast iron or vermiculite?

What exactly is vermiculite?

The interior of a stove can be made of cast iron or a refractory material, in the form of bricks which are most often made of vermiculite. Vermiculite is therefore part of the family of refractory stones that can be found in many models of fireplaces and stoves, because it is a material that has many advantages.

The stones are positioned in the main body of the stove, they allow to insulate, but also to effectively refract heat throughout the room, where the stove is located.

What is the difference between cast iron and vermiculite?

Cast iron is a more resistant material, but which has less inertia than vermiculite. The principle of cast iron is to heat up quickly, but it will not store this heat, which will not allow the room to be kept at the desired temperature.

While the vermiculite, it will restore heat to the room. However, the resistance is lower if it receives a clumsy blow, it is possible that it will split. It is therefore important to be careful when recharging your fire, for example, and not to let any element press on it, which could cause shocks and gradually crack.

Note that vermiculite is inexpensive, in case of breakage, you can replace the vermiculite plate for stove, quickly and for a reasonable budget.

What are the characteristics of these different materials?

Each of these materials has its own characteristics, these different criteria will allow you to make the right choice when buying your stove.

Vermiculite brick and its characteristics

  • Vermiculite is a material that heats gently
  • Has the advantage of making the stove lighter, which can be an important feature for the break
  • Vermiculite is a material which is more brittle, need to go smoothly when using

Cast iron and its characteristics

  • Cast iron heats up the part quickly, but is not refractory, so the heat does not last
  • A well-made cast will offer great resistance
  • Cast iron is a material that weighs very heavy, so you have to make sure that it is possible to put it in the desired room

You can now make your choice between these two materials, in both cases you must still avoid overheating and here are the reasons. With these few tips, you will choose the ideal coating and the one that will best suit your needs.

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