What should you know about Vaginoplasty for transgender people?

Unfortunately still taboo in France and in the world, vaginoplasty for transgender people is a solution so that the man who feels like a woman can feel in harmony with his body and his mind.

What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is reconstructive plastic surgery that aims to correct defects and malformations of the vaginal canal in cases of congenital diseases or more specific diseases. Most often, this operation is used to perform repair of the vagina due to trauma.

However, vaginoplasty can also be plastic surgery used for the total construction of a vagina if it was absent due to vaginal hypoplasia, vaginectomy or for transgender people.

In the case of a vaginoplasty for reassignment of sex, the hormonal therapy stops two to three weeks before the operation. The operation, which lasts about five hours, is done under general anesthesia and the surgeon removes the male attributes and then creates a vagina with the skin of the penis welded at the end and turned inwards.

It is possible that a skin graft is necessary. As for the clitoris, it is made up from the top of the glans. Finally, the foreskin is used to form the labia minora and the outer parts of the scrotum are used to design the labia majora.

Be careful, however, this operation is not without complications. Indeed, during this intervention it is possible to have a hemorrhage and a complicated scarring at the level of the entrance to the vagina.

Another serious, but extremely rare complication is a perforation of the rectum which causes the vagina and rectum to intersect and which means that stool is passed through the vagina. This complication is resolved by temporary elimination of stools using an artificial anus located at the height of his abdomen.

Nicolas Morel Journel, the Lyon surgeon to meet for a vaginoplasty

Lyon has carved out a very good reputation for vaginoplasty operations and it owes it thanks to this surgeon: Nicolas Morel Journel. This urologist is one of 5 surgeons to have specialized in reconstructing the sexes following illnesses, but also in operating on transgender or intersex people.

Thanks to him, Lyon has become the French capital of sex reassignment and demands have exploded, as has the growth of the transgender community with more and more dating and community like that of meetsretranslyon.com. A request for consultation for vaginoplasty which had a waiting period of one week in 2007 now has a four-year waiting period. A very strong demand and which increases every year.

Nicolas Morel Journel was not intended to work on gender reassignment, but it was through contact with transgender people that his point of view evolved and that he understood the benefits of this operation for them.

Thus in 1982, he founded the association GRETTIS (Group for research, study and treatment of sexual identity disorders) which, to date, supervises more than half of the reassignment operations. sexual in France.

Thanks to him, the care of transgender people has evolved. While at the beginning of the 2000s, a strict protocol had to be followed, today there are no longer standard courses. Changes which prove that society’s outlook on transidentity issues is evolving, even if this does not remain perfect to this day.

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