What should you look out for when buying your coffee online?

We currently live in a world where we can get all kinds of things online. More and more consumers are no longer hesitating to leave supermarkets and grocery stores to do their shopping directly on the Internet.

If you are a coffee lover (or if you just want to get your favorite coffee or try out other varieties of coffee), be aware that there are quite a few websites to order coffee beans online and have it delivered directly. home.

However, it is better to take into account certain criteria, so as not to make mistakes and to receive quality products.

What should you look out for when buying your coffee online?

First of all, if you want to order a good coffee online, it is recommended to buy it directly from a specialized site and not from sites that sell all types of food. Cafe websites specialize in this area and know what the top customer expectations are and how to meet them.

The price

Good coffee doesn’t always cost a fortune. You can get very good quality coffee at affordable prices.

The grinds

Be careful to check that your coffee is good and 100% ground when ordering a ground coffee. Because it can happen that some brands offer ground coffee while the beans are coarsely grounded. Check the finesse.

The origins:

Where does coffee come from? What country was it grown in? What is the composition?

Often the flavor of the coffee and the country of origin go hand in hand. Typically, Kenyan coffees are very salty, Colombian coffees have chocolate notes, and Ethiopian coffees tend to be fruity. Learn about the origins of coffee to make sure it suits you.


Depending on the type of coffee or coffee beans you want, it is important to consider roasting. Note that once the coffee beans are roasted, their active ingredients oxidize, which causes the decrease in taste. But that again depends on what kind of coffee you want because in most cases it is advisable to buy coffee that has been roasted at least within the month. Otherwise, if your choices lean more towards cold espressos or coffee, the less recent the roasting, the better the coffee. It remains subjective and specific to the choice of each according to the type of coffee desired.


The packaging contributes to the freshness of the coffee. Prefer reclosable containers.

Feedback from customers who have already purchased:

The comments of Internet users who have already bought, will be very useful to you and will allow you to see if the coffee you want to buy is worth it, what are its advantages? Its disadvantages? Etc. They will guide you and certainly help you in your choices.

Other information to know about e-boutique cafes

Coffee that you buy online will usually not have an expiration date. The best before date is often one year.

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