What sport to practice when you are old?

The older we get, the more we tend to abandon sport and activities that require effort. Older people in general are much more fragile than young people, and abandon sport for the sake of safety in order to avoid falls, fractures or other health problems. Although starting from a good intention, it is not recommended for these people to give up the practice of any sporting activity. They are even advised to practice one regularly, in order to help them maintain vigor and a more or less healthy body.

If you are a senior and do not know what type of sport is right for you, this article will provide you with all the answers to your concerns.

What sport can you play?

For obvious reasons, the elderly can no longer indulge in any physical activity, in fact the tissues of their bodies no longer have the same vigor and the same elasticity as in their early youth, this means that they can no longer provide as much effort as necessary and they lose stamina with age. However, this is not a reason to give up sport altogether. There are many activities that you can do in order to keep your tone and a young body.

These activities include cycling, swimming or even walking and hiking over more or less long distances. Some may even get back to bodybuilding, but always accompanied by a professional coach.

For the more solid among us, gymnastics is a ready-made activity. Some people will not prefer the Scandinavian walk, which is very successful in the countries of the Far North and which is excellent for the body’s blood vessels and blood circulation. Before anything else, always take care to stretch. Stretching helps the muscles to warm up and wake up. They are necessary if you do not want to collect aches at the end of the sessions.

The benefits of sport in the elderly.

We tend to forget it, but the body of the elderly loves sports. In fact, as we age our body tends to “clog” and lose efficiency, the practice of a sport, however small it may be, slows down this process and is even recognized as an excellent means of prevention against certain diseases and pathologies. which develops with age. The practice of a physical activity is therefore entirely beneficial for the body.

However, remember to seek the advice of your doctor and, if necessary, have a health check-up before embarking on this new adventure.

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