What sports can you practice in your garden with children?

The garden is not only dedicated to the vegetable patch or to idleness. If you don’t know it yet, just having kids to notice it. The little ones love to exercise outdoors and it is even a good thing for their health as well as for their state of mind. If you are looking for activities, here are several perfect sports for a garden.

Basketball: team sport, but not only

Putting a basketball hoop in your backyard is a great idea. This team sport is practiced with two, four or ten players without worries, or even alone. So your child can play whenever they want.

Baskets for children cost around fifty euros. The base is fixed to the ground, stability is assured. For such a sport, your best bet is to have a hard surface like concrete. On the lawn, the rebounds of the ball are not suitable, while on gravel, they go all over the place.

Badminton or tennis

Badminton sets work great in sporting goods stores. This racquet sport has several advantages. The first is that it is accessible to everyone. Even a child with little force can return the flywheel which weighs only a few grams. At the same time, for the most passionate sportsmen, the matches can become fierce struggles which end in great fatigue of each player.

If it takes at least two players for a game, the maximum number is quite high. One can very well imagine a two against two or a tournament with players taking turns on the field.

The practice of tennis is also possible without creating a real course in your garden. To play it, however, it is better to have a larger area available in the garden as the balls thrown by a player can represent dangers for your tiles.

Another racquet sport, table tennis has the advantage of taking up much less space and being able to be practiced indoors when the weather is not suitable.

Water games

What could be better than a beautiful swimming pool in your garden? Obviously, you can’t compare the cost of buying two badminton rackets and installing a pool in your outdoor area. However, if you already have such a facility or are thinking about the possibility of doing so, then this is a very good idea for sports.

A child who can swim is a great security and having a swimming pool often avoids the phobia of water. Alone, but always under your supervision if he is very young, he improves his swimming practice. With friends, any game, as long as it remains safe from a safety point of view, is imaginable.

We think primarily of water polo which is officially a water sport, but there are many variations. He could practice water basketball, play badminton in the water or go swimming races, etc.

The swimming pool can also allow the mother to practice aquagym… Indeed, as much to have fun if the wishes of the child are complementary to your desires!

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