What steps do you take to become a bicycle courier?

Do you want to become a bicycle courier? Certain important steps must be taken to exercise your profession legally and especially to be able to work with the main bicycle courier services.

In general, you must declare your activity in order to obtain the status of other entrepreneur. Once this has been done, you can then apply for an ACRE, then obtain a Kbis extract, open a bank account dedicated to your activity and finally protect yourself with civil liability insurance.

Declare your activity

The activity of bicycle courier being assimilated to a commercial service, you must declare it to be in compliance with the regulations. This declaration of activity is made with the creation of your micro-enterprise, when you have opted for the status of auto-entrepreneur. The process to follow is relatively simple.

You can complete the formalities free of charge online via the guichet-entreprises.fr platform or on paper. In the latter case, you will then have to contact the Center des Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of your department to process your request.

Apply for ACRE to pay less social security contributions

ACRE is a support system for business creators and buyers, which courier micro-entrepreneurs can benefit from. It allows you to obtain a partial exemption on the amount of your social contributions.

Since the reform of ACRE entered into force on 1er January 2020 the amount of the exemption increased from 75 to 50% limited to the first year of activity and no longer over 3 years as in the past. Likewise, ACRE is no longer granted automatically to all the creators of self-employed businesses. You must therefore request it to benefit from it.

Obtain a Kbis extract

If you plan to collaborate with courier platforms, be aware that most of them, if not all of them, will require a series of important documents from you. Among these, your SIREN number or Kbis auto-entrepreneur extract.

This document is issued to you after your registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). You can download it free of charge if you have completed your procedures online or obtain it from your CFE.

In addition to the Kbis extract, you must also request the criminal record extract and include it in the list of other documents that you must present when registering on the courier platforms of your choice.

Opening a bank account

The creation of a bank account dedicated to your activity is not compulsory when the amount of your turnover is less than 5000 €. However, it is recommended for the sake of practicality and transparency.

With an account separate from your personal account, you will indeed have more visibility on the income generated by your bicycle courier activity. You will also have an easier time filing your income tax returns, among other things.

Protect yourself with professional civil liability

You must finally think about your safety with a good auto-entrepreneur insurance. Since the social security of the self-employed only offers limited coverage in the event of a claim, we recommend that you take out professional civil liability coverage.

This insurance will protect you against any damage, injury and accidents that you may cause to third parties during your bicycle races.

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