What to do in the event of a dispute with an online merchant?

It may happen that you have a problem with a product ordered from an online store. An order not arrived, a defective product, the reasons can be many. This is why you would like to be reimbursed, but the merchant does not agree, you are then in the case of a dispute, know that you can resolve it amicably or not.

First contact the seller

The first thing to do before embarking on more complex proceedings is to try to settle the problem out of court. Contact the merchant by email or phone if you can and try to find a solution together.

In case of damaged product, ask for the return of another, also if you have not received it and the delivery time has passed. If they cannot return a product to you, you can also request a refund.

Send a registered letter to the merchant

The next step is to send a registered letter, it’s more official and will prove that you have the formalities as it should be. It is a possibility, as long as you have not received your order 7 days after the original delivery date, you can request a refund.

Contact a consumer association

From the moment your first steps have failed, you can try to contact consumer associations such as UFC Que Choisir, which is well known. Look around you, there are often local associations that you can contact.

To facilitate your research, you can contact the INC which is the National Institute of Consumer Affairs. It is an establishment which lists all the associations, as well as their field to help consumers who might have a problem.

Contact the DGCCRF

You can contact the DGCCRF which is the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control. She is able to act in the event of a problem with a merchant.

You can contact them easily, directly on their site via a contact form. Their role is to protect consumers, both economically and safely. As well as the application of competition rules.

As a last resort, go through justice

If, unfortunately, you still don’t get results, you will have to take the next step and start legal proceedings. You will have the choice between civil justice, or criminal justice in case of fraud, then you are considered a victim.

You will therefore file a complaint and be able to receive your due, as well as sometimes damages depending on the severity. It is rare to get to this stage, generally sellers recognize their mistake and do what is necessary.

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