What to do when my business has a bad e-reputation?

Today, the problem is not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you across the web. It takes very little time for a good e-reputation to become very bad. If this happens to you, you have to act correctly and quickly, to do so, here are some techniques that you can apply from the moment you are subject to a bad buzz.

Apply the flooding method, to drown out negative content

The technique of flooding is to put the most positive content about your brand on the Internet. By applying this technique you will improve your SEO and you will drown those you no longer want to see on the first pages.

To achieve this you can create new pages on your website or create profiles on social networks. But you can also bet on content that is certain to be well referenced, such as the creation of a Wikipedia page for example. Just keep in mind that negative results won’t be removed, they’ll just drop back down in search engine results and could come out at any time.

Act as quickly as possible

For your online reputation to be positive again, it is essential to act very quickly. There are two ways you can do this, removing negative content and communicating as positively as possible.

Try to remove content that turns out to be too negative

When a content is too negative and you want them to disappear, but it is already well referenced, you will have to request the removal of it. You will then apply the “curring” method, which consists of contacting the person who posted this content and asking them to delete it. It is important to communicate with the person without aggression, as kindly as possible and to give him the good reasons to do it, because he has the right to refuse it.

Take the time to communicate positively

Successful deletion is the first step, now you have to communicate positively, but you must not do it the wrong way. You must take the time to prepare this message, it aims to counter the bad buzz and give a positive image to your business. For example, you can explain the messages that gave you this bad reputation, respond to the people who spread these messages and if you have been criticized and you need to apologize, do so.

Calling on the right people for advice

What could be better than managing your e-reputation with people whose job it is, in fact the easiest way is generally to go through an agency specializing in e-reputation, because that has many advantages.

  • A company often lacks the time to manage its e-reputation, so it doesn’t, an agency will do it for you
  • A real communication strategy is put in place, to maintain a good image
  • You will increase the reach of your communication and the positive communication on it
  • You will have good management of your e-reputation, your image will remain positive
  • In the event of a crisis, the agency will be able to cope with a bad buzz and correct it quickly
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