What to do when you are harassed at work?

Harassment at work is a situation that affects more and more workers in companies. This situation can have an impact on the physical and / or mental health of employees. Here are some things to do when you are harassed at work.

What are the signs of workplace harassment

Step 1: Talk to your employer

Harassment at work is a situation that can have serious consequences if it is not resolved quickly. One of the first things you need to do is talk to your employer about it directly.

Indeed, you must do it as soon as possible, that is to say as soon as you notice that you are the victim of harassment. This allows your employer to quickly initiate the procedure to get you out of this situation. Request a meeting where you will discuss the situation.

To show the seriousness of your approach, you can also send your employer a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This will allow you to keep a written record of your statements. You will then be able to constitute additional evidence with this letter.

Step 2: Talk to people you trust

Once your employer is aware of the situation, you can also discuss it with a few close colleagues. The main thing is not to live this situation alone while remaining repiling on yourself. However, be careful not to “cry wolf” too quickly.

Indeed, make sure you have enough proof before informing not only your employer, but especially your colleagues. Word of mouth can have devastating effects on a company’s social climate, especially when it comes to conveying information without concrete evidence. So proceed with caution!

You may not be the only victim of harassment in the company. Talking to your coworkers may encourage other coworkers who are going through the same situation to talk about it as well.

Step 3: Get a lawyer to help you

In some cases, after notifying your employer, the harassment issue may persist. If the mediation procedures with the perpetrator are unsuccessful, then you can hire a lawyer.

Again, try to present your lawyer with concrete evidence of the harassment you are experiencing. Write down the dates, times, facts. Otherwise, it can end up being word for word.

With the help of your lawyer, you can alert the labor inspectorate who will come to see the case of harassment. Your file will then be sent to justice. To find a specialist lawyer, go to one of the online platforms.

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