What to do when you burst a tire on the highway?

Because it usually happens when you least expect it, a flat tire on the highway can be a hassle and a potential factor in an accident.

It is therefore essential to be prepared, to know how to react, what safety rules to adopt to keep control of your vehicle and get the assistance you need.

Discover the right reflexes and safety measures to apply in the event of a flat tire when driving on the highway.

Maintain control of your vehicle to avoid an accident

A sudden flat tire on the highway can be potentially dangerous because of the fast traffic on its lanes and the risk of loss of control. When you notice that you have just had a flat tire on the highway, try to keep your cool and quickly adopt driving reflexes that can help you limit the risk of an accident.

You should not panic or have a sudden reaction and try your best to keep your vehicle on a straight course. Also, avoid sudden braking, but release the throttle and wait until you have slowed enough to do so. Then think about turning on your hazard lights and clearing traffic by trying to pull over on an emergency lane.

Park in a safe and secure area

Once the vehicle has come to a stop on the emergency lane, your priority should be to secure the area around your vehicle and its possible occupants.

One of the first things to do is put on your fluorescent safety vest. You must then install the warning triangle to warn other motorists and if you are carrying passengers, be sure to secure them behind the guardrails.

Call a tow truck to repair or change the punctured wheel

Tow truck recovering a broken down car

After securing the area around your vehicle, you can then call a tow truck to repair the puncture or change the tire and other possible breakdowns. It should be noted that due to the high risk of an accident, the regulations strictly forbid you to change the tire of your flat car on the highway yourself.

You are required to use approved tow trucks who are the only ones able to intervene for punctures and repairs on the highways. They are most often available 24 hours a day and the company contacted can take care of you whatever your type of vehicle.

In the absence of a terminal indicating a tow truck to contact, the alternative you have is either to call your assistance, or to contact an emergency service such as 112 or the gendarmerie.

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