What to think of the performance of the Volkswagen Touran?

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The Volkswagen Touran is a well-established hero of minivans, over the years it has been able to shine thanks to its level of comfort, practicality and reliability. The Touran stands out today as a spacious hatchback with practical sixth and seventh seats that pull out of the trunk floor when needed. But this is by far its only advantage, to discover all the advantages that this vehicle offers in terms of performance, just keep going.

Suspension and ride comfort

The TOURAN moves smoothly over most surfaces, smoothing out all but the worst bumps and hesitating only a little on minor city roads. It handles well enough, even on the large wheels that come with the top-spec R-line trim, although we’d recommend opting for the small wheels fitted to the SE and SE Family for a smoother ride.

You can add adaptive dampers (DCC in Volkswagen parlance) but they are quite expensive and better save your money. We’d also avoid the optional sports suspension as it deteriorates ride comfort and let’s face it, comfort is most people’s priority in a seven-seater MPV.

Engine and gearbox

The 148 hp 1.5 TSI 150 is the only petrol engine and it is our choice in the range. It offers fairly brisk acceleration, even when there are passengers in all seven seats (0-62mph in 8.9sec), and enough low-end power to save you from having to push the engine too hard to reach highway speeds. If you want a little more power for towing, take a look at the 2.0 TDI 150 diesel with 148 hp.

It offers the same 0-62mph time as the petrol but pulls even harder at low revs, making it easier to pick up speed without having to downshift. The 2.0 TDI 150 diesel engine is smooth and discreet for an MPV. The 1.5 TSI 150 petrol engine is also relatively quiet unless you rev ​​it vigorously.

Getting started

Anyone who’s driven a Volkswagen Golf will have an idea of ​​how the Touran feels behind the wheel. Steering is predictable and well-balanced, grip is good and body lean is perfectly controlled more than in any competing car, even the Ford S-Max. The Touran is also stable on the highway and easy to drive around town.

That’s partly because it’s relatively compact, unlike its bulkier rivals, like the Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer and Ford Galaxy. The clutch is light and precise, as is the manual gear change, while the optional automatic gearbox (DSG) is only jerky at very low speeds, for example when parking.

If you have a large family and are looking for a welcoming minivan, the Touran is surely for you. If you want to find out more about the model, go without further delay to a specialized car dealership such as BYmyCAR, for example.

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