What Toys Should I Choose When My Child Is Too Big To Play Tut Tut Bolide?

The Tut Tut cars have had to admit a phenomenal success with toddlers. However, we must succeed in finding other even more interesting toys to offer them. Make way for a new generation of cars for the enjoyment of the youngest. Find out here which toys to choose after the Tut Tut cars.

Turn to more realistic vehicles

The era of Tut Tut cars is almost gone, toddlers tend to prefer new toys similar to those of adults. This is an excellent reason for opting for cars that are less baby and maybe a little bigger. Reliable brands have been bringing these toys to the market for a few years.

You will therefore turn more to car models that perfectly mimic those of adults. The bus and the miniature motorhomes will be greatly appreciated as will the miniature cars. These miniature cars for children can be remote controlled or not.

Find a garage, similar to a real one

Any child who loves miniature cars absolutely wants to have a garage worthy of the name. For this several models exist to please, even the most demanding. From more to less complex, you have the possibility to choose the garage of your child according to the aptitudes or desires of this one.

These garages are part of the children’s play world, they create stories and thus make their imaginations work. Brands like Majorette, V Tech, Hot Wheels have incredible models that come with or without cars for the delight of your children.

A remote-controlled car to keep busy inside and outside

A miniature car like that of adults is good! But if it can also be remotely controlled, it is much better. The cars that toddlers can guide from a distance are their favorite. They can watch them move through rooms without having to touch them.

It is the dream of many little girls and boys to be able to drive, steer and park a car like mom or dad. Brands like Mondo, Majorette offer remote-controlled cars of good quality. Several models like MONDO racing Ford Mustang GT4 or Alpine A110 GT 4 1:10 th exist for the enjoyment of children.

A car or motorcycle circuit to become a real racing driver

Motorcycle racing circuit

A car circuit is essential if your child is passionate about cars. He will appreciate driving his car and seeing it evolve on a circuit that he can assemble and dismantle as he pleases. Thanks to the circuit, he will be able to do crazy races and have a good time.

Brands like Imagibul, Majorette, Carrera or Hot Wheels offer different models of circuits for children. In wood or plastic, you can choose them according to their resistance and the desires of your child.

Children growing up want to do more and more like their parents. You can already introduce them to the joys of driving with the toys suitable for their age.

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