What training to work in the world of luxury?

Luxury is a world that attracts many people, but to enter it, you often have to do more specific studies, to learn the necessary. You need to have some knowledge, but also a certain presence to work in the world of luxury, all of this is learned during your studies.

Limit costs when going to university

The advantage of choosing to study at a university is the ease of access. This is not the type of training that comes first in mind, because university studies are usually more general and theoretical.

But it is possible to enter luxury by specializing in certain fields, such as perfumery, fashion or even cosmetics. You can then turn to a professional license such as:

  • License pro Marketing of luxury products
  • Professional license in Commerce and distribution, luxury marketing course

Go through a business school to integrate luxury

If you do not want to go through university, you can choose to enter a business school, it is a good alternative, which you can choose directly after the bac. For example, you have the bachelor’s degree in management, beauty, well-being, which can be taken in Lyon.

But it is also possible to embark on a master’s degree with a master’s degree in luxury management or an MBA in luxury marketing. This choice will depend on the number of studies you wish to do, for the bachelor, it will be 3 years of study, while for the master, it will be 5 years.

Unlike the university, the fact of choosing a business school gives you the benefit of recognized studies, with which you can at the same time train professionally, in the form of work-study or internship.

Join a specialized school to become a true luxury professional

To enter the world of luxury much more easily, you can decide to join a school specializing in luxury. Thus, you can choose a particular field to be fully trained in this profession.

One of the advantages of studying in this type of school is their different partnerships, so if you have an internship to do or even to find a job at the end of your studies, it can be simpler by through these schools.

There are many schools specializing in luxury, but it should be noted that they are mainly found in large cities. You often integrate them into a file and sometimes following a competition. You must therefore give yourself the means to enter these schools, to be able to work in the field you want.

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