What type of heating to choose for renovation?

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Nothing is more satisfying than carrying out the last details in the renovation of a house. And who says house, necessarily says heating for the winter and ventilation for the summer. What type of heating could you then install for more comfort and to consume less energy?

Renovation work is not always easy to carry out, especially if new installations such as heating have to be carried out. In these times when winters are getting harsher while summers are getting hotter, it is difficult to design a home without heating or air conditioning. For this type of installation, it will nevertheless be necessary to think about combining comfort and economy to avoid unpleasant surprises. Investing in heaters is not an easy decision, especially since repairs could be expensive if the wrong choice is made.

Choice of heating: ducted air conditioning

If you are heated with electricity, you have two options: the heater or the air conditioner. However, since the radiator takes up a lot of space, there is nothing better than a good air conditioner that is as practical as it is economical. This is all the easier if you already have the facilities for this. If you are more traditional, you can always install conventional air conditioners that are placed on walls and ceilings. In this case, consider keeping some spaces for the installations.

Today, discretion is an integral part of the charm of a home. For this purpose, you can opt for integrated air conditioners, like the ducted air conditioning of the Daikin brand, which is both invisible and efficient. In addition, it offers uniform temperatures. A significant asset in summer and winter.

Two devices form duct air conditioners: one is installed outside the house, while the other is inside. The latter will thus regulate the temperature in the house, depending on whether it is cold or hot, thanks to ventilation grids.

The air conditioning is connected to a network of ducts hidden in false ceilings or attics and the hot air is supplied by supply grilles. This system saves space in the house, perfect for small homes.

ducted air conditioning thus offers many advantages: silence, economy and high performance.

Space saving is also the main advantage of ducted air conditioning. It also enables a considerable energy savings. Good news for the wallet. As it is hidden in the attic of the house, you will no longer need to install air conditioners in every room.

All the rooms will be air-conditioned by the only central installation which will also guarantee uniform temperatures throughout the house. In addition to visual discretion, the ducted air conditioning is also very quiet and goes easily unnoticed. We would even tend to think that the air conditioning is not working because the ducted air conditioning does not emit any sound.

Heating: conventional devices

By conventional heating is meant gas or oil heating. Many options are available to you, starting with the condensing boiler, which is very efficient for central heating. Compared to fuel oil, gas is more advisable because it is more modern and more economical.

If you do not have the electrical installation for heating, you can also opt for wood heating which has been used for a long time. But in these modern times, the pellet stove is advocated for practical reasons.

It would be a shame to pollute the air more, especially in large cities, to ensure our personal comfort. If, on the other hand, you are renovating a second home, the installation of a fireplace would not be too much.

You can also opt for the pump aerothermal or geothermal heat, the most practical solution for a renovation. Much more respectful of the environment, the heat pump can perfectly replace the gas boiler. Just connect it to the hot water loop and you’re good to go to enjoy good heat in the house. In all cases, the choice will have to be made according to your needs and your expectations.

ducted air conditioning

Heating system for the home: and why not solar?

If you have enough sun, solar heating is the heating system par excellence. With zero pollution, be sure to be sheltered from the cold without skimping on expenses and while enjoying the natural surroundings. For this option, all you need to do is invest in solar panels and voila! Make sure you put it in the right place to enjoy the sun, however. Otherwise, you will need additional arrangements to be able to store the sun’s heat for a period of time while waiting for it to return.

In full renovation, you can always fit in some additional materials to trap the heat such as stone walls or a double-glazing device that you will hide by a roller shutter if necessary.

It is not always easy to choose the right type of heating for your home, especially for renovations. Despite the many solutions available on the market, however, be aware combine comfort and efficiency, without forgetting to compare the price-performance ratio.

“The more expensive the better”, we usually say. But in the end, it all depends on the type of home you own. In any case, if wood and gas heaters are the cheapest on the market, air conditioning is certainly more expensive, but it is more practical, both aesthetically and practically.

Pay attention to the insulation of the house!

Having the right heating system is the basis for ensuring thermal comfort in a home. However, it is not enough to guarantee optimum heat, especially if you are renovating an old house.

You may well invest in a good, state-of-the-art heater, any effort will be in vain as long as the walls are not well enough insulated. Know that a house as well air conditioned and heated will not give any satisfactory results as long as the insulation is not reinforced. This is also the first thing to check to have a proper heating.

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