What visits to do during your stay in Rocamadour?

Rocamadour is a place of pilgrimage located in the southwest of France. Nicknamed the Citadel of Faith, this medieval town is full of architectural treasures that are also the pride of its friendly inhabitants. O

One cannot fail to fall under the spell of this city delicately placed on a steep cliff overlooking the valley of Azou. Rocamadour is part of the Causses du Quercy, a magnificent and diverse natural park. Spending a stay in Rocamadour is the pleasure of visiting a charming town full of wonders and discoveries.

North of Rocamadour, you will find the Monkey Forest. Visiting this zoo is recommended if you are planning a family trip. On site, you will find more than 150 monkeys that will appeal to young and old alike. They live in total freedom in the park. A playground, a picnic area, a shop and a restaurant are available on site.

To visit Rocamadour is to visit an exceptional place which allows you to live a unique experience. Located to the west of the city, the Ecoparc du Rocher des Aigles is an obligatory passage. It is an ornithological park populated by different species of birds that roam freely on the Rocamadour canyon.

You will meet parrots, hawks, eagles, cockatoos and many other majestic birds on site. They will offer you a spectacular and mind-blowing moment flying above your heads. The place also offers you a magnificent and most memorable view.

The cave of wonders is a site and a renowned historical monument in Rocamadour. This geological and prehistoric cave is rich in history. It features designs that are over 20,000 years old. Among other things, you will find cave paintings of deer, hands, horses …

Don’t expect to go caving. This is a widely landscaped cave that is there for tourists. You just need to know how to walk a little to be comfortable.

Aside from that, this place is also great for having a good time. Several shops are available on the premises. So you can enjoy an ice cream or sip a drink. A shaded park will allow you to relax and enjoy the fresh air with your family. For the enjoyment of children, a playground is also available.

And how can you forget to visit the charming religious city or sanctuary of Rocamadour? This place, rich in history, is located at the top of the steps of the Grand Escalier des Pèlerins. Have fun taking a hiking gps with you to count the number of steps and the distance traveled.

It has several monuments allowing visitors to travel through time. For example, you can find the Holy Way and the Saint-Amadour Staircase and Crypt. Several chapels including the Saint-Michel chapel, the Sainte-Anne chapel and the Saint-Blaise chapel are also worth a visit.

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