What will be the format of tomorrow’s CV?

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At a time when people rely more and more on digital, which is experiencing a full and perpetual boom, the Curriculum Vitae could well benefit, and sooner than expected. Are you unemployed or wanting to change company or sector and face the heavy task of redoing your CV? Be careful, maybe the Word document you are about to edit has become a has-been format!

A CV in digital format

Lovers of Word and the PDF format, you will certainly have to adapt and evolve towards a more digital version of the summary of your professional life. In addition to being able to better sort and display in a certain order the information that seems important to us, digital technology gives new CVs a fun way to browse them. Almost a site visit, in short.

Of course, CV professionals are on a war footing to spread this new format and make future employees want to jump in with both feet to adopt it. The information to be disclosed and the way to write it does not change, there is a difference with conventional CVs in terms of the layout, and animations can be applied. If, however, this digital age was too complicated for you to tame, Morgan Philips, a recruitment consultancy firm will be happy to help you in the design of the document.

The advantages of digital

Compared to a CV in paper format, the digital document offers undeniable advantages. It will be accessible online, by all interested persons who wish to consult your data or find your contact details. When you put online a page or a site designed to present yourself, if it is done in a professional manner, your background and your previously completed work will be highlighted by their quality.

Thus, there is no need to send any document whatsoever, by post or by hand. Your potential future employer is just a few clicks away from discovering you, then all they have to do is contact you, in a very real way this time, to arrange an interview. Take advantage of digitization to adapt to the web, and show that you know how to evolve with the times to sell yourself and thus find your future job. The digital age is already well underway, but it looks like it’s not going to end anytime soon.

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