What you need to know about computer maintenance

Whether you are an individual or a company, managing your network or your computer park is often a headache when you do not have computer skills. But IT security and performance are everyone’s business. To overcome this problem, you can call on IT service providers, whether they are a self-employed person or a company specializing in IT infrastructure management.

Here are the questions to ask yourself: what do they offer in terms of service? How much does it cost ?

To answer these two main questions, here are some explanations to learn more about computer maintenance.

IT audit as a starting point

Very often IT maintenance is done in several stages. Initially, an IT audit takes place in order to analyze all IT equipment, network performance and operating system.

Your service provider therefore assesses the performance of your equipment, analyzes the level of security of your network, and identifies the various software solutions. Consequently, several maintenances can be carried out within your computer park.

Types of computer maintenance

There are different types of computer maintenance, each with one or more specificities, the purpose of which is to make your hardware and your computer network “clean” and efficient.

The Preventive maintenance aims to take care of computer security by analyzing the appearance of problems, viruses or bugs. This involves, for example, downloading antiviruses and software aimed at optimizing the operating system.

The corrective maintenance or curative involves dealing with computer crashes and malfunctions in order to restore the operating system and associated peripherals.

The evolving maintenance aims to develop your IT equipment so that they are more efficient.

IT maintenance costs

The costs vary greatly from one provider to another, from one region to another, whether you are in town or in the countryside. Generally, the costs are presented in the form of a fixed price and according to the type of intervention:

  • Home ;
  • At the service provider or company (workshop);
  • By remote assistance (or remote maintenance).

Very often you will have packages with an hourly cost, packages by type of intervention or in the form of a monthly or annual contract when it comes to recurring intervention.

Choosing the right IT provider

If you are a company, whatever your size, have the reflex to consult the search engines to find a company which will know how to answer your problem. Do not hesitate to promote availability and the time-price ratio. In addition, visit the websites of these companies to read the opinions and consult the customer references of these providers.

If you are an individual, it is often less expensive to go through a self-employed person specializing in computer repair and repair, which on the one hand may be more available and offer you a more attractive price in terms of services. Find providers near you to reduce travel costs that are often factored into their services.

The advantages of outsourcing IT maintenance

To go further and really benefit from effective IT management, it is often more interesting to use IT outsourcing where all IT management is outsourced.

This outsourcing allows you to detach yourself from any IT task, which you do not necessarily master to refocus on your main activity. A qualified and specialized team in each IT branch can thus act more quickly and allow you to have an efficient IT park. Saving time and in the long run, saving money!

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