What’s Better Between Rolling Tobacco and Classic Cigarettes?

Roll-your-own tobacco and conventional cigarettes are the two most widespread forms of tobacco consumption.

While both can be harmful, roll-your-own tobacco seems in many ways more dangerous to health than a regular cigarette. It not only has a much more harmful composition, it is also responsible for more diseases. Rather than taking them, note that there are less dangerous solutions you can adopt.

Roll-your-own tobacco responsible for more diseases

Approaching the issue from a health perspective makes it possible to note above all that rolling tobacco seems more dangerous for your health than conventional cigarettes. If the dangerousness of the consumption of conventional cigarettes is already worrying enough, the effects induced by rolling tobacco are even more devastating on health. The latter is indeed responsible for more diseases.

The generally accepted ideas that the “natural” state of hand-rolled tobacco makes it healthy and less harmful than industrial cigarettes are simply not true. By consuming roll-your-own tobacco (even in small quantities) you are more likely to develop serious forms of respiratory infections in the medium term and see your lung capacities weaken, suffer from cardiovascular and neurological diseases, immune failure, fractures, muscle degeneration or cancer, etc.

Basically, roll-your-own tobacco deteriorates your health even more quickly than a conventional cigarette and the fault lies in part with its more harmful composition.

A composition much more harmful than conventional cigarettes

In terms of toxicity, roll-your-own tobacco takes the lead once again, with a more harmful composition. In fact, you will find in roll-your-own tobacco 3 to 6 times more nicotine and tar than you have in a cigarette. While the maximum rate allowed for a conventional cigarette is 10 mg of tar, hand-rolled tobacco can contain up to 14 to 16 mg.

Its harmfulness is aggravated by its highly high combustion, generating a more toxic smoke. In addition, add chemicals and toxic substances aimed at conditioning tobacco. Also, the fact that it is consumed without a filter by most smokers creates a greater addiction. Best of all, it is even more accessible due to its cheaper price.

What are the less dangerous solutions?

As you will no doubt have already understood, rolling tobacco is no more ideal than a classic cigarette. On the other hand, you should know that there are solutions that are less harmful to you and your health that you can adopt.

These alternative solutions to tobacco in its various forms are offered to you in particular by the electronic cigarette (E-cigarette). With the latter you do not have to fear harmful smoke, toxic and carcinogenic substances present in rolled cigarettes and tobacco and save on their costs. NTC cigarettes (without nicotine) are also possible.

You can also opt for aromatic capsules containing aromas and essential oils, recommended for weaning you from tobacco. Finally, use non-tobacco shisha and many other methods to replace tobacco.

D-Lice the French brand that respects standards and makes e-liquid less harmful

To eliminate your consumption of rolling tobacco or classic cigarettes, you can choose another solution with eliquide dlice, which is a French brand known for its quality.

It is a French brand which is indeed renowned for the quality of its products and compliance with the various European and French standards, which are the FDA and USP standards, allowing less harmfulness of e-liquids.

D-Lice is therefore an excellent alternative for reducing or even eliminating tobacco consumption and therefore reducing the risks to your health. Thus, by choosing a brand that manufactures its products directly in France ensures traceability and allows you to offer e-liquids of which they are sure of the composition.

By choosing products of this brand, you will have at your disposal many tastes, varied flavors, a higher or lower nicotine rate according to your desires. The quality of the products is such that the tastes merge with the original flavors. Whether for fruity or gourmet tastes, you will have the impression of eating a piece of fruit or enjoying a piece of cake.

Gluttony and better health are yours thanks to e-liquids, which will quickly make you forget about rolling tobacco.

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