When and How to Replace the Lamp of an Epson Projector?

A video projector can be used in many situations, whether in the school, professional or personal environment. Many models are available, but the Epson brand stands out with its high quality products. However, the life of the lamp is not forever, and sometimes it needs to be changed, but how and when?

5 Steps for Changing the Lamp of an Epson Projector

In order to make an effective, fast and functional change, you have to follow these 5 different steps. Once you have found the original projector lamp and especially an Epson projector lamp.

Remove the hatch housing the lamp

In order to be able to access the space where the bulb of the lamp is located, you will have to remove a small hatch. Depending on the model, this small hatch can be located below, on the side or even at the back, it is generally a darker color, you will quickly spot it.

Unscrew the lamp unit

It’s time to unscrew the lamp unit to finally be able to access the bulb, it is a black element that you will see directly by removing the hatch. To be able to remove the lamp unit, you just need to use a screwdriver.

Remove the lamp unit from the video projector

Once the screws have all been removed, it’s time to remove the lamp unit, once extracted, you will have the bulb in your hands. This is the perfect time to dust off the space where the lamp unit is located, using a soft cloth or a compressed air can.

Install the new part

Now is the time to change the bulb, that is, the entire unit will need to be changed and not just the bulb. You will therefore simply place the new lamp unit in place of the old one, be precise and meticulous so as not to damage the bulb. Make sure the power connector has snapped into place.

Perform the operations in reverse order

Do the manipulations you have done so far, aim at the lamp unit and replace the hatch. It is recommended that you reset the Epson projector lamp timer and clean the filter if possible.

When should I change the projector lamp?

Light bulb resting on a black table

It is quite easy to notice it, you will already see the intensity of the light decrease. The quality of the image will be increasingly poor. Other warning signs such as a duller, sometimes yellowed image, dull colors.

Some projector brands, such as Epson, do not warn with a message indicating that the maximum lamp life is approaching its end.

How can I optimize the lamp life of my Epson projector?

A few tips can extend the life of the lamp and therefore the bulb of a video projector.

  • Use the lamp when it is well cooled
  • When you use it, do not turn it off or turn it on every moment, it will cause electric shocks and therefore wear out the bulb faster
  • Clean the filter frequently and install the projector preferably in a ventilated room
  • Do not touch the optics glass with your fingers
  • Do not move your video projector when it is hot
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