When studying becomes a luxury

The UNEF announces a 3.7% increase in the cost of student living in 2012-2913, almost double the rate of inflation. The government has upgraded existing stock exchanges by 2.1%.

UNEF, the leading student union, underlines the pauperization of students, 73% of whom are employed. Among the main causes, the increase in rents, of 10.8% in Paris and of 2.3% in the regions, the increase of 3.2% of food and the increase of 4% in the price of clothes which add to the 2% increase in compulsory costs (registration fees, social security contribution, price of the university meal ticket), details the UNEF.

80% of students do not benefit from a scholarship, while the crisis affects the majority of their families, who are not able to help them. As a result, many students have a salaried activity to finance their studies. Almost three-quarters of students (73%) say they are employed (48% six years ago), notes the Unef, making the link with the abnormally high rate of university failure. A salaried student is more likely to fail exams than if he could devote himself entirely to his studies, he argues.

The student union is demanding the implementation, as quickly as possible, of the autonomy allowance, promised by the President of the Republic during his campaign. It would make it possible to stem the pauperization of students underlines the UNEF which requests a doubling of the budget for scholarships. He proposes to finance it by the redeployment of the tax half-share granted to families with a dependent student.

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